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Our low monthly payment takes cares of all fees, including sales tax and any dealer fees associated with your car, SUV, or truck lease. There is also no security deposit required. Click any of the pictures below to be taken to lease offers for the vehicle type you are interested in.

How to Lease a Car in 7 Steps and When Leasing Is a Good Idea

If you live in the Glen Ellyn area, greater Chicagoland, or really any part of the state of Illinois, and you are thinking of leasing a new Chevrolet car, truck, SUV, or van, you should begin your search at Jerry Haggerty Chevrolet. We will structure a payment plan so you can get the lowest rate and the best price for your budget. It also means having the option of buying or leasing a car without using cash as a down payment.

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Whether you choose to finance the entire purchase or just a portion of your new vehicle, Jerry Haggerty Chevrolet is here to help! As one of the top 10 automotive groups in the region, our Illinois new Chevrolet dealership has connections with a large, top-quality selection of lenders in the area. This means you can expect to receive the absolute best possible terms for any auto loans or leases you get here.

The No-Money-Down Lease does not have any hidden or missing fees and does not require any additional money down. It includes sales tax and all dealer fees associated with the lease. There is also zero security deposit involved. Get real dealer price offers from multiple dealers who compete for your business. Go with the best offer and the best deal. In general, car brands with the highest residuals are Japanese and European. There are exceptions of course. Some European models have lower than average residuals, and some American models have higher than average residuals.

9. Ford Fiesta

Our Lease Kit has average residuals for all car makes and models and shows which cars are best and worst to lease. Without a promotional lease deal, you must negotiate your best price for the vehicle you want to lease. The lower the lease price, the lower the monthly payment and overall lease cost. Toyota, Honda and Nissan , for example have low-cost models that also have high residuals — and they as of this writing are offering great discounts which lowers cost even further — a perfect combination for leasing. The Honda Civic and Honda Fit are good examples.

They base this on a heavily discounted price, a high lease-end residual value, and a super-low money factor equivalent to 0. The Honda Fit has the highest residual value and would make the cheapest lease, assuming prices were equal. For a little more money each month, look at slightly larger cars such as the popular Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, and Nissan Sentra.

NEW 2019 RAM 1500 Negotiation Tips. (Lease Deals, Discounts, Rebates) (MA Car Broker)

These all have high residual values and often have promotional lease deals and rebate offers. Some have special rebates for college grads or military personnel. Larger cars with high residuals, such as the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, and Jeep Wrangler , are also excellent lease vehicles even though monthly payments are higher than for smaller less-expensive vehicles.

Again, find a complete list of lease ratings for all vehicle makes and models in the Lease Kit.

The Hottest SUV Lease Deals -- Under $ A Month

The best deals come from car companies who are offering special lease prices, high residuals, and low money factors on certain models. The cheapest car lease deals come from these special promotions. The deals are nearly all genuinely good deals but you should make sure you can live with the terms usually 36 months , annual mileage limit usually 10KK miles per year , and the down payment, if any. Even the cheapest car lease deals can be bad deals.

Best Bang for Buck Lease Deals ($0 Down)

Because payments are calculated on three major factors — vehicle price, residual value, and money factor — you could be getting a bad deal on any or all of these factors. It is a mistake to assume a lease is a good deal simply because its payments are less that loan payments for the same car. Email Me and I'll be glad to answer them! Email Me Tips.

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