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Indica Zen: Sugar Cookies Standard. Sativa Canndescent Canndescent - Charge Sativa Canndescent Canndescent - Create Sativa Black Jack 3. Sativa Performance: Fire Haze Standard. In the second or two after I opened the door I noted again the totally illuminated warmth of the room and its cleanliness and orderliness. Not in a sterile, antiseptic way, but in an open, inclusive, warm and trusting way. As those first few impressionistic seconds faded, Jessica, an engaging budtender with a kind countenance and affable demeanor, greeted me enthusiastically as a first time customer and asked what I wanted to see.

GVC Green Valley Collective

I mentioned concentrates and clarified that I was seeking the dabbable variety, not cartridges, and Jessica directed me to the north-west corner of the shop. There are glass cannabis product-containing counters on three sides of the dispensary interior as well as cases and shelves along the walls. Patients await their turn in the middle of the room, giving them a degree view of the items on display.

Because I was the only patient at the time, there was no wait. I still hold out hope that as the black market disappears and the industry begins uniformly to adhere to regulatory standards, the price of extracts and distillates will diminish. In the current market, however, the dabbing consumer is left on his own to navigate dispensary menus and weekly discounts in search of the best possible wax products for the lowest cost.

Customers receive a punch card at their first visit to track their progress. Some items rang a bell, while others did not, and there were a few items listed on the menu that I did not see on the shelves. It is easy to envision the challenges inherent in maintaining up-to-the-minute accuracy on Weedmaps menus, particularly while the industry remains in flux.

If the industry survives and grows, there is little doubt that dispensaries will ably maintain fully accurate menus via their own websites and apps, giving customers live updates on stocked items. In other words, there were options. Flavor brand live resin sugar. My eyes tracked over to a few varieties of Neutron Genetics live rosin shatter half-gram packages on display and Jessica brought them out of the case to give me a closer look.

I found a few strains I liked, but when Jessica searched for the sale product she discovered they had sold out. On a lower shelf in the case I spied grams of bubble hash by Nasha and considered my options. Jessica advised that if I wanted to dab it, I should first grab some wax on the dab tool and then dip the sticky end into the hash to coat it before hitting the banger.

Not me. Jessica did not rush me at all and asked if there was anything else I needed even though there were now customers waiting in the mid-store line.

GVC Green Valley Collective | Marijuana Dispensary in North Hollywood | mail.maier.de

Green Valley Collective recognizes not just the high cost paid by customers for quality compliant cannabis products, but also the impact of taxes imposed by city and state, which the dispensary responsibly differentiates for its recreational and medical consumers. No surprise that I return to these businesses only when other options are unavailable.

Although another budtender by that time had begun to help waiting customers, there were others still in line, and yet Jessica nonetheless accommodated my request and causally yet methodically identified where in the store they stocked different categories of products. As I followed her description of the room with my eyes I caught a glimpse of the waiting customers, all of whom seemed engaged by the degree view from their perch in the middle of the store.

My recollection is that the last product section described by Jessica contained their CBD selections, and as I took mental note of what I could, Jessica processed my discount card and explained that my savings would offset the taxes plus a little more. Some other dispensaries provide a bag gratis on the first visit and charge a fee if the customer fails to bring the bag back on subsequent visits.

This punitive approach has always struck me as in poor taste. Thankfully, and unsurprisingly, Green Valley Collective conversely offers customers an incentive to recycle their meds bags. As a customer, I always prefer carrots to sticks. The hash was fresh, having been made only a month prior, but it was not for dabbing. My superlative first trip to Green Valley Collective this week tells me I have every reason to expect it will.

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Disappointed with not having consistent merchandise, will have to look for another place. How difficult is it to make sure items that sell fast are in stock all the time? My dog needs "My Best Bud 4: Don't tell me you have similar tincture, I've tried them all and either they taste awful or they do not work or I would not use what I do. Please have some consistency in your stock, not everybody comes to you for recreation supply, some of us are depended on it for medicinal purpose.

Thank you.

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Miro Galbo. This was my very first visit to this dispensary.

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  7. It was clean, very well organized and the staff was very friendly. He helped give me what I felt was best for me. It was a very pleasant experience. Conchi Cee. I came back and exchanged it for another. Frank Lloyd Bite. Love this place. Everyone is welcoming and ready to answer questions! She knew what she was talking about and was very passionate.