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Many men encountering lesbians in DIY stores might wish they had one of them at home so they did not have to exhaust themselves grouting the bathroom when they could be watching the match.

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I will now have to get in there quick before the girls migrate to Screwfix. Nothing signifies more clearly that the woman in a checked shirt looking at spirit levels on a Sunday morning neither has a man at home, nor indeed wants one. Ikea is not quite as reliable for lesbo spotting because it is a Scandinavian store and at least half of all women in that part of the world look like one of the tribe.

What will become of us now?


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Message 10 of OldJim may know the answer to that Since my last post about Screwfix being out of stock of a "cheap end" cordless drill I investigated. ALL out of stock Message 11 of Quote from: PowerLee A 15 volt output charger will not fully charge an 18 volt rechargeable battery. I suspect that is the case as voltage is the pressure which would explain that chargers are normally a higher voltage than the batteries they are charging. Message 12 of I bought a set of such batteries online fairly recently for my drill.

They were the "tagged" sort so soldering was not "that" difficult.

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I'll look up the supplier shortly I needed a pack for a This is the type I got as it needed NiCd: Message 13 of Thanks HPsauce Having looked at the cost of those batteries.. I decided on buying a new drill I have a complete new drill To answer the question, I don't know who makes them but they are a waste of money. Cheap tools are a liability to a tradesman who's time is money. Some of the gear I use I've had many years, it gets well used and abused too whereas most diy'ers tools are locked in the shed 51 weeks of the year.

The decline of B&Q is a hammer blow for lesbians

A mate of mine helped me one day putting in many hundreds of mm screws into joists cross joisting. He'd just bought the latest 24v cordless 'drill' from Argos and this was its first outing. After about 20 screws it started to sound different After about 40 screws the gearbox exploded internally.

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He took it back that same day. JerryD , 5 Dec JerryD , 6 Dec I bought a Jigsaw which was shocking - didn't cut straight.

Took it back and said it wasn't up to 'pro' standards. They told me to sling my hook! Always buy the best you can afford and avoid the sheds!