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I must say that I'm not so good at writing reviews, IF I even write a review for a book it usually is just a sentence or two, and I don't know when I will be able to read it. But if you still would dare send me one - then yes, that would be interesting. May 17, Free today for five days. But a single act of bloodless sacrifice, performed by the dim light of the new moon, alienates her parents and alters the course of her life.

Here's the Amazon link.

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Nell wrote: Of a pretty substantial page count Bryn wrote: Oh drat! Silly of them. Jeanette, I think it's just a delay due to the time difference - it'll probably be free tomorrow. May 18, I released the first novel in my Gothic Fantasy series today! The Taint: Sorrow's Child I've set up a coupon code at smashwords to celebrate, making the book free for one week--now, until May 25th.

The code is: The link is: The blurb: On the Isle of Muin, one of the thirteen scattered Meda Isles, Lilith, a young orphan and an indentured servant, is found guilty of witchcraft and is condemned to hang The prologue: Lost within a realm of perpetual night and enveloped by grief. Her long hair flowed over her slender shoulders, sweeping the ground, her wraith-like form trembling as she wept bitter tears.

Trickling down her cheeks and onto the rocks below, they formed a spreading lake that crept across the cavern floor. Reason had long since faded, leaving only an inner tarn of sorrow. Too soon. Too young. Immersed in her long lament, she paid no heed as her womb slowly swelled. Congratulations, Georgina!

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Grats Georgina and thanks for the code: Feel free to pass along the code too. Jun 07, I've decided to let my new novel: Sorrow's Child go free for another month, before I release the paperback. Again, feel free to download it and to pass the code on. Promotional price: EQ29E Expires: July 6, Thanks all: Jun 13, Jun 14, Aw shucks, same here. And it looked like a really interesting book too! I feel a little guilty that I nabbed a copy. I put it on our Facebook page too, hopefully a few people picked it up from there.

My Pagan fairy tales are going free on amazon at the moment. I think they will be free for a while though as they are matching the price on other sites. Here is the link if anyone is interested: Fairy Tales for Freya These are four, short, adult fairy tales, but the erotic elements are subtle. Jun 25, Sharing it on our facebook page now, Marie.

Jun 29, Free today - looks interesting Landscape of Memory.

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Jun 30, It is interesting - very much a Pagan approach to the places and history mentioned. I read the first chapter last night - it's about Sussex where I am, the last county in England to become Christian or to give up witchcraft, depending on how you look at it. Enjoy big savings today with at paganmarie. Grab these must-have items now. Just use code at the checkout!

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