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Cityscape art and photography contest. Art and photo contest, historical display of Vimy Ridge, heritage country fair, open house, commemorative book. Art and photo contest, historical display of Vimy Ridge, fall festival, open house, commemorative book. Strawberry teachings and strawberry picking.

Elder-led holistic wellness learnings to enhance Indigenous youth health and well-being. Canada Day street breakfast 8: New park marked with concert, parade, and Indigenous activities. All day shuttle buses. Discover the connections between family, photography, and migration and bring your idea of family into focus. New cross-sectoral partnerships to encourage participation of youth, francophone and Indigenous groups of rural Algoma.

Sport Competition: Niagara Falls Mental Wellness Summit 1. Promoting mental wellness and resilience among secondary school youth. Niagara Falls Mental Wellness Summit 2. An experience of schooling and life in the settlement in , engaging way to learn about the history of the Underground Railroad.

Take part in one of Canada's Indigenous events. Dinner for people hosted by youth in collaboration with local chefs, farmers and craft beer entrepreneurs. Savour baked beans served hot from the kettele and enjoy maple syrup straight from our maple tree. Hydro Ottawa: Be sure to check out the Ontario container! Opening weekend for the OAG with various public programming events, including a street party with harvest market and art-making activities. The historic Royal Alexandra Bridge will be transformed into a lush green haven, where families and friends can picnic on the grass and enjoy views of the Ottawa River.

A North American first, La Machine will captivate audiences with urban theatre, as a giant dragon and spider roam the streets of downtown Ottawa. A unique culinary experience with Canadian food, wine and hospitality showcased at a single, person, open-air table on Wellington Street. This farm to table experience, prepared by renowned local chef Michael Blackie and his team, will feature a unique course tasting menu that tells the story of taboo and illegal food and drink across years in Canada.

A Pow Wow celebrating the cultural traditions of the First Nations people, with local Algonquin participation. A celebratory event to mark Ontario and Canada's , the grand re-opening of the Centennial Park, and the kick-off the Summer Music Series. Cello prodigy Cameron Crozman. Commemoration of the th anniversary through series of 14 diverse concerts. Shane Cook and Gerry Smith, duelling fiddlers. Gala closing concert. Leopoldo Erice, virtuoso pianist. Youth talent concert. Lara St John - violin virtuoso. A series of videos documenting the achievements and personal stories of Niagara residents from a range of backgrounds will be shown throughout the festival.

Evening multimedia show projecting stories of the past years in Greater Sudbury onto the iconic Big Nickel.

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Minwaadiziwin" portable planetarium show will visit public schools and libraries in 55 Northern Ontario communities. Soliciting original new art to showcase community identity and its relationship to Canada's th. A multicutlrual, multigenerational initiatve promoting diversity, inclusion and youth empowerment. The theme of this competition is Reconciliation.

Training older women to train older women to curl. An event to train older women to curl. Opera Atelier engages youth from diverse populations in opportunities for learning and development in the creative sector. Workshops and a live opera performance for children with disabilities. A one-day celebration of Canadian cinema across the nation with over screenings taking place in Ontario.

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Canadian Culture Learning Workshop 1 - Canadian politics and the immigration history, group dancing, learning. Two-day event including Great War reenactors and demonstrations, interactive programming and a Service of Remembrance. Canadian Culture Learning Workshop 2 - Canadian politics and the immigration history and group dancing learning. Explore the life, traditions, and sacred stories of the Anishinaabeg through two centuries of powerful art.

A series of installations, exhibits and events that will highlight Toronto stories from to , that are significant to the history of Canada and Toronto. Check the Toronto website for pop up locations. Doors Open Toronto offers free and rare access to approximately architecturally, historically, culturally and socially significant buildings across the city.

Canadian Museum of History travelling exhibit exploring the period of social upheaval leading up to Canada's Confederation. A large-scale celebration of contemporary Indigenous music and dance, that pays tribute to the power, passion, beauty, and resilience of Indigenous women. A four-day Canada Day celebration will bring the city together like never before. The cultural festival in Toronto will reflect the country's kaleidoscopic character and highlight cultural and artistic diversity. International multi-sport event for injured active duty and veteran service members from 17 nations competing in 12 adaptive sports.

A ten-day international biennial expo and festival in Toronto that will explore how design and innovation can address global issues. Canadian stories told in six words. With Melanie Fernandez Alvares. Press conference and eye-dotting ceremony. Boat tournament with social services and community organizations. The theme of this competition is Environmental Stewardship. The theme of this competition is Inclusive Prosperity. Ontario offered one-time funding through the Ontario Community Celebration , Ontario Partnership and Ontario Capital programs.

We partnered with community organizations, municipalities, not-for-profit organizations and various communities across the province to create 28 signature initiatives that brought us together, challenged us, and made us proud to be Canadian. Skip to main content. Learn how we marked our th anniversary of Confederation in Events and initiatives Over the course of this historic year, we recognized and celebrated the qualities and values that define our province.

We supported more than 2, events and initiatives that: Badminton May 16, Inclusive sport programming to bring youth with and without intellectual disabilities for sport competition Special Olympics Ontario Georgian College 1 Georgian Dr. June 26, to September 16, Year-long events to mark Ontario W Etobicoke Fusion of Taste: Canada Edition July 9, to July 14, Festival featuring multicultural performances and local food. July 13, to July 16, Fort Erie celebrates its cultural diversity. Grimsby Through Our Eyes: Canada Day picnic. Get Going!

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D6DA 6: CEA8 B53C 7: DB41 12pm F E 5: ECFE F DC50 F Swimming II or equivalent skill proficiency. Class emphasizes increasing endurance and independent swimming skills performance. Without assistance or flotation devices, students safely enter, exit, swim and tread water in deep water, tread water 15 seconds, push off in a streamlined position on front and back then flutter kick at least four body lengths. Skills also include rotary breathing, swimming front crawl, elementary backstroke and back crawl at least 15 yards. Swimming III or equivalent skill proficiency.

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Class emphasizes improving confidence, skill proficiency, distance and endurance. Skills include diving progression from side in deep water, swimming under water three body lengths, swimming front crawl, elementary backstroke, back crawl and breaststroke 25 yards, lap swimming techniques and safety and treading water for 30 seconds. E8C3 6: B5A0 5pm 7E0. B78D ED89 D 7: B73F 7: FE47 7: F7BF 8: FAF9 10am 7E0.

DF41 7: E 7: C 6: DD34 6: E78D 6: A 7: A28D 6: FDC0 B31A 9am A7C. E2B4 B46C 9am A7C. DE3C 6: C 9am A7C. D44C 7: BA0F DED9 7: DE55 6: A65F CBDA 5: DD96 ACC7 5: F 5: AE09 E8BC 6: D45F 6: AF24 6pm A7C. Swimming IV or equivalent skill proficiency. Class emphasizes increasing endurance and swimming stroke proficiency. Skills include treading water one minute, swimming front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke 50 yards, elementary backstroke 25 yards, open turns, circle swimming in lap lane, bilateral breathing for front crawl, butterfly arms and legs, breaststroke pull out and standard sculling 30 seconds.

Swimming VI or equivalent skill proficiency. Class continues to refine swim strokes and increase endurance. Skills include swimming front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke yards, sidestroke and butterfly 25 yards, an introduction individual medley IM , treading water for two minutes and flip turns. E1AE 7: B 5: BAF8 5: Children work on basic swimming skills such as breathing, floating on front and back, and swimming on front and back.

Swimming II or skill proficiency to swim unassisted on front and back at least three body lengths using arms and legs, and to blow bubbles through mouth and nose with face submerged underwater at least three seconds. Swimming IV or skill proficiency to enter deep water safely, tread water This class is for swimmers who can swim at least 25 yards non-stop on front and back. Class is designed to help swimmers improve techniques such as breathing, kicks, strokes and fitness level.

Students are divided into groups by ability when possible. Class emphasizes helping students increase endurance and skill proficiency for Swimming V and Swimming VI level skills. Skills include entering and exiting water, floating on front and back, gliding on front and back, breathing techniques, rolling from front to back and back to front, swimming at least two body lengths on front and back using arms and legs. DF51 6: A3DC 8am 7D5. F59F 8am 7D5. F7B5 BEE3 9am 7D5. F12F 8pm 7D5. CD04 8pm 7D5. BB08 EE41 9am 7D5. Swimming I or skill proficiency to blow bubbles with face submerged at least three seconds, float on front and back at least three seconds, swim on front and back using arms and legs at least two body lengths.

Class emphasizes performing skills without support or flotation devices. Skills include floating on front and back, swimming on front and back at least three body lengths and rolling over from front to back and back to front. Treading water is introduced. A 9am 75A. CDD0 8: B71A 9am 75A. A4D9 7: EB14 A07C 2pm 75A. D3C9 7: D 3pm 75A. CFE5 7: Swimming II or skill proficiency to swim unassisted on front and back at least three body lengths using arms and legs and to submerge face in water for at least three seconds. Class emphasizes increasing endurance and independent swimming skills.

Skills include rotary breathing, entering deep water safely, treading water 15 seconds, swimming front crawl and elementary backstroke 15 yards and swimming back crawl five yards without assistance or support. F30C 8pm E 1: C7CA 8pm AE0C 7: DAEF 7: AC02 11am D7D7 11am Swimming III or skill proficiency to safely enter deep water, rotary breathing, treading water 15 seconds, swimming front crawl and elementary backstroke 15 yards.

Class emphasizes developing confidence, improving skill proficiency and increasing distance and endurance. Skills include diving from side in deep water, swimming under water, treading water 30 seconds; and swimming front crawl and elementary backstroke 25 yards; and back crawl and breaststroke 15 yards. D 2: BE39 9am EC9F F4B5 2: Ability to tread water for one minute; continuously swim 50 yards combined stroke using freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

Student must have a competitive-style swim suit one piece and goggles. Students with long hair may be required to use a swim cap. Class emphasizes improving swimming strokes and turn efficiency for fitness or competition. Participants improve breathing techniques and stroke mechanics for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and turns. Butterfly is introduced. Swimming 6 skill level; ability to tread water for one minute; continuously swim 50 yards freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, and 15 yards butterfly.

Student must wear a one-piece, competitive-style swim suit and goggles. Students with long hair may be required to wear a swim cap. Class emphasizes refining freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke skills. Swimming drills are introduced, and lane etiquette is practiced.

Swimming IV or skill proficiency to enter deep water safely, tread water 30 seconds and swim front crawl, elementary backstroke and back crawl at least 25 yards and breaststroke 15 yards. Class emphasizes helping students to increase endurance and skill proficiency for treading water one minute and swimming front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke and breaststroke 50 yards. Butterfly and open turns are introduced.

ADEF 9: DC38 6: A29F 9: B7BF 9am 2C5. D 6pm 2C5. Must have completed Stroke Mechanics I, must be able to tread water for one minute and to swim freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly using proper techniques and timing, continuously swim yards freestyle and backstroke, 50 yards breaststroke, and 25 yards butterfly. Students with long hair are required to wear a swim cap. Class emphasizes refining and improving stroke skills focusing on USA Swimming standards.

Interval training, relays, starts, turns and finishes are introduced. F3A7 6D4. F 6D4. EA63 6D4. CAD5 6D4. F3C5 6D4. BF4C 6D4. Experienced swimmers who have completed Stroke Mechanics II, can tread water for one minute and swim continuously at least yards freestyle, yards backstroke, 50 yards breaststroke, and 25 yards butterfly.

Students must wear a one-piece, competitive-style swim suit and goggles. Class emphasizes increasing swimming endurance and distances through interval training and pace clock use and further refines swim strokes, starts and turns. Individual Medley IM is introduced and practiced. Location Day Time 10am 9: CC6B D7D1 9am E CA4A DB26 D0FD B4D4 CD4B 1pm E AD39 6: Must have a high endurance level to swim an intense workout each class; must be able to tread water for one minute and swim continuously yards each freestyle and backstroke, yards breaststroke, 50 yards butterfly and yards IM.

Students with long hair must wear a swim cap. Class emphasizes high-intensity interval workout and refines freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, starts, turns and finishes. Workouts are designed to meet class abilities and to improve overall physical fitness through lap swimming. Students are also taught to design a personal workout and to use the pace clock. Ability to swim at least 25 yards on front and back. This is the perfect class for people who want to start swimming laps or for those who have not been a lap swimmer for an extended time.

Learn techniques needed to swim laps, improve swimming skills and proficiency and increase confidence, endurance and distance swimming. Students are taught how to adjust their personal workout to keep interest and gradually increase their workout to make it more challenging. Ability to swim 25 yards freestyle with side breathing and backstroke. Clinic emphasizes refining these strokes using drills to increase stroke proficiency. Starts and turns are also reviewed.

Ability to swim yds. IM and to demonstrate all starts and turns. Clinic emphasizes improving starts, turns and finishes for each stroke while refining stroke efficiency for this event. Location Day Time. Ability to demonstrate arm and leg actions for both breaststroke and butterfly for six yards. Class emphasizes developing arm and leg actions for these strokes while coordinating timing and breathing, as well as introducing starts and turns. E 4: D9C7 6: Ability to swim 15 yards of butterfly and breaststroke with breathing technique.

Clinic emphasizes refining strokes to increase efficiency and swimming distances. Starts and turns for these stokes are reviewed. Get the competitive edge and prepare for swim team season with this swimming skill tune up. This class helps swimmers who have swim-team experience and want to get their competitive skills and swimming strokes ready for the next swim team season. Location Day Time yrs. Ability to swim freestyle and backstroke 15 yards using arm and leg action. FF2F 4: E95E 5: DA6A 5: Starts and turns for these strokes are introduced. Senior pass rates are available. Registration guarantees a space in the class.

Registration entitles you to attend only the class for which you registered. Missed classes cannot be made up. This program is for the experienced water aerobics student who wants a more intense workout and for anyone who wants to cross-train or enhance overall fitness. You increase muscular endurance while you tone muscles and improve flexibility. Designed for those new to water exercise.

Join the fun and let the party begin! While this class is designed for students with arthritis, it is open to those who have other physical limitations. Students must be able to swim at least 25 yards continuously. Deep water exercise can increase muscle strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Exercises also provides a challenge for alignment and posture, balance and coordinated movement. All students wear a flotation device. Build strength, agility and balance while maximizing deep-water resistance by using aqua equipment.

This high-intensity class uses a variety of equipment to target all muscle groups and combines short bursts using different movements as well as longer durations to build endurance. Students must be able to swim 25 yards continuously. Take the plunge for a no-impact workout. An excellent full-body workout that is more intense than the Deep-Water Exercise class. This class is for the experienced deep-water exerciser looking for a more challenging workout.

Take the plunge for a workout that is no-impact. Use Pilates moves in the deep water to help you increase your range of motion, challenge and strengthen core stability and control and build abdominal and back strength, flexibility and muscle tone. Build abdominal and back strength,. New and seasoned yoga participants increase their fun and fitness with this workout.

Try the ultimate in aquatic aerobic exercise! You use resistance equipment and flotation devices throughout the class. This format focuses on a variety of simple, yet intense exercises which help participants blast away the calories and get results.

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Whether your goal is muscle tone, weight loss or both, this class is for you. Instructors guide participants in different types of walking in water to benefit all parts of the body. Ideal for those who want the benefits of walking without adding stress to muscles and joints. Instructors guide participants through various types of walking and exercises to improve muscle tone, balance and prevent falls.

Students must have prior experience before signing up for this course. Kayaks are available on a first-come, first-served basis for an additional fee. Must be able to swim at least 25 yards. Class emphasizes an introduction to the four main dive components: Students are also introduced to forward and back dives. A90F 2pm 5B5. D0DA 1: Must be able to swim at least 25 yards and have completed or have skill level for Springboard Diving-Beginner. Class emphasizes developing the four main dive components: C43B 1pm 8A5. Must be able to swim at least 25 yards and have completed or have skill level for Springboard Diving-Intermediate.

Class emphasizes refining and improving the four main dive components: More advanced dives and flips are also introduced. Skills and knowledge necessary to respond to aquatic emergencies, including first aid and CPR for the professional rescuer are covered.

Students must be at least 15 years old before course completion no exceptions. Must be able to swim yards continuously using front crawl. Complete a mandatory American Red Cross web-based preliminary course prior to the first day of class information will be provided 2. Pass a skill screening to include stroke proficiency in front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke and basic butterfly stroke mechanics. Be at least 16 years old by the last day of class no exceptions. For more information call the RECenter aquatic staff. Attendance at all sessions is mandatory.

Students who pass the class receive a certificate valid for two years. This program does not qualify you to be a lifeguard for the Park Authority. For information about becoming a Park Authority lifeguard call DA12 E43F DB1B If certificate is expired, student must register for the full Lifeguard Training course. Must be able to swim yards continuously and swim 20 yards using front crawl or breaststroke; dive feet and retrieve a 10 pound object, return to surface and swim 20 yards back to starting point and exit the water without use of ladder or stairs. This hour course renews your certificates for lifeguarding, CPR and first aid.

The fee does not include textbook. Bring the ARC Lifeguard Training textbook to class or purchase one at the site for an additional fee. Some of the newest park amenities include three, 3-story waterslides and an interactive water playground for all ages. Concessions are available or bring your own picnic. No glass, alcohol or personal grills allowed.

Galleria Ice Skating School

Children younger than age two are admitted free. After 5 p. Gold Rush season passes on sale through May 27; group discounts also available. For more information and hours of operation, call the park, or visit the website: The fully accessible complex features Chesapeake Bay-themed attractions including a spraying osprey nest, Chessie the sea serpent, misting sunflowers and a lighthouse.

The beach area is quieter with softer bubblers and interactive water tables. The computerized water maze and dumping crab basket provide lively activity. Children also enjoy the fully accessible tree house that overlooks the family recreation area featuring the Tiki Village playground for ages and the Nautical Cove for ages General admission is free.

For more information, call the park at , or visit the website www. Miniature Golf Mini-golf is the cross-generational game perfect for kids, parents and grandparents. Visit the sites listed below for a swing at great family fun. For additional mini-golf park attractions, fees and hours of operation, visit www. Birthday Party Packages What better place to celebrate than in your favorite park? For party particulars, check the listings at www. Audrey Moore RECenter. For an old-fashioned good time that never goes out of style, you can take a turn on a carousel, climb aboard a miniature train, enjoy a cool, freshly dipped treat at an ice cream parlor and row, row, row your boat on a park lake or the Potomac River.

For pricing, hours of operation and other details, call the parks listed below. Through a partnership with Trails for Youth, a local nonprofit organization, Lake Accotink Park rents out bikes in a range of sizes for older kids and adults. Helmets provided. Photo ID required for rental. For hours of operation,. Parks offer exciting features for your family, company, club or church picnic. Depending upon the park, the attractions may include pedal boats, a carousel, an ice cream parlor, miniature golf, tennis, athletic fields, tour boats, train rides, swimming, volleyball and nature trails.

Some special features are available year-round, others are offered seasonally. To check availability, picnic site features and to schedule your picnic, visit www. Here the temperature is tropical for 12 months of the year, but concerned parents never have to worry about kids getting sunburned! RECenter admission includes the leisure pool, which is open with all of its features operating on Monday and Wednesday, 4 p.

With its two-acre, fully accessible playground, Clemyjontri Park is a magical place for all children. In addition to track rides, balance beams, swings, and maze, the features include a carousel recessed to ground level and a picnic pavilion with tables that accommodate wheelchairs. Clemyjontri also operates a trackless train ride on weekends and Monday. The park is open year-round from 7 a. The carousel operates weekends only in April and May, 9: Open daily Memorial Day — Labor Day, 9: Open weekends only September — October, 9: The picnic pavilion may be reserved for a fee; additional picnic tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For information, prices, and available dates, call the individual sites. Attractions vary site to site. See the registration page for details. Requests received after the camp session ends will not be granted. This service provides additional morning and afternoon care for campers already enrolled in full-day camps on site.

Camps ending before 4 p. Campers get to choose from supervised activities including board games, cards, drawing, coloring and age-appropriate movies. Pre-register for extended care online at www. Packages are offered weekly -- be sure to register for two weeks if your child is in a two-week session.

There is a daily, per-session, drop-in rate for those who need last-minute care. Extended Care refunds are given in full if requests are made at least 14 days in advance. No refunds are given within 14 days or once camp begins. Transfer requests, including transfers from one site to another, will be granted up until that specific camp begins. Children not picked up by the end of their camp time, will automatically go to extended care if offered, and parents will be charged extended-care fees. Hidden Pond NC will have p. Huntley Meadows will have a. Camps animal encounters, crafts, stories, songs and outdoor adventures.

Download camp forms at www. Be sure to check number of days and hours for each camp. On code red days, campers engage in outdoor activities during the day while taking in plenty of water and several shaded breaks. Many of our camps are held outdoors. Please check with the site for more information. Most half-day camps ask campers to bring a snack and drink. Fullday campers need a snack, drink and lunch each day. All campers should wear weather-appropriate, comfortable clothes and apply sunscreen before camp.

Forms are not transferred from one camp to another and can be downloaded at www. In turn for hosting, families earn a free week of British soccer camp. For application and details, visit www. Camps that do not meet minimum requirements for enrollment may be canceled. Preschoolers love the variety of fun activities including music, movement, arts and crafts, outdoor games, water play and a special event.

Campers must be potty-trained, able to separate with ease and 3 years old by the first day of camp. Bring lunch and drink. Extra fee may be required for special events some sites may offer a field trip as the special event.

Test different materials to create things that blend in, shelter, float or fly. Learn freshwater fishing basics through on-the-water experience in this VA Outside fishing camp. Learn casting, fish species, knots and multiple techniques for catching species like largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, shad and catfish in local rivers and lakes. Explore the outdoors while enjoying recreational activities such as archery, hiking, fishing, camping skills and more.

Bring snack, lunch and water bottle. Learn primitive skills, hiking and fishing, caring for our display animals and more. Different themes each day; register for all five days for a discounted fee. Primitive Skills; Tuesday: Fishing; Wednesday: Outdoor Recreation; Thursday: Wildlife; Friday: Bring snack, lunch and drink. C45E 9am-4pm C Turtle shells, flowers and spider webs all have special patterns.

Campers create their own nature palette of color from their. Campers learn kayaking skills while getting close to native wildlife. Beach stops allow campers to wade and observe, catch, photograph and release frogs, toads, tadpoles, salamanders, lizards, turtles and many more small critters. Bring lunch, snack, change of clothes, sneakers or river shoes and towel.

Explore reptiles and other cold-blooded animals and have fun learning about the cool characteristics of creatures such as snakes, turtles and frogs. Activities include hikes, nature crafts, games, animal encounters and other hands-on activities. Enter places seldom seen as you explore hidden woodland, stream and pond habitats. Join us for exciting activities like water creature investigations exploring animal architecture and more as we spring into nature.

Explore the wild life of plants and animals through nature hikes and reflective art projects that involve printmaking, painting, sculpting and drawing along with written art forms like storytelling and comic making. Build a nature journal and engage in fun experiments and games. Learn about the solar system, meteoroids, meteors and meteorites and constellations in this four-day art camp. Use different techniques to create art focusing on science, technology, engineering and math concepts while reaching for the stars as artists. Explore art mediums through craft projects, painting, drawing, beading, paper arts and sculpting.

Emphasis is on creativity, fun games and the love of art. Navy ES 9ampm CB5. Navy ES 9am-4pm 52D. Join The Creative Difference in this open-studio style, arts-and-crafts camp. Explore a wide variety of art media and creative tools in rotating, open-ended activity centers.

Write original American Revolution-themed scenes, show off your freedom of speech and sing about the U. Family and friends are invited to a mini-play featuring your original work on the final day. Some pool time may be included. Join Tiny Chefs to learn about three-course meals in this combo camp of favorite American cuisine recipes. A great camp for those who want to improve their basic swimming strokes and basic diving skills while having some fun. Activities include water safety, swim clinics, water relays and an assortment of water sports like volleyball and basketball.

Campers must be able to confidently swim 25 yards, tread water for one minute and be in the water for extended periods of time. Bring at least two swimsuits, two or three towels, snacks, lunch and water bottle. Silver Knights Chess has taught the great strategy game to tens of thousands of children including national champions. A great camp for beginners who want to learn the game or advanced players to sharpen their skills. Activities include learning the rules, openings, tactics, strategy, endgames and playing games.

Campers get fresh air and snack breaks bring snack and drink; full-day campers also bring lunch. Every camper receives a T-shirt and chess set or free entry to a chess tournament. Navy ES is a four-day camp. Conservatory Ballet princes and princesses enjoy reaching into their imagination as they concentrate on balance, agility, timing and creativity. The Force awakens in this Play-Well Tek engineering camp.

Create motorized and architectural projects with imagination and engineering to defeat the Empire. Master engineers camp for yrs. Hold on to your goggles as we explore the science of contraptions and concoctions in this handson science camp. Explore the wonders of potions, slime, chemical reactions, excavations, sundials and forces that affect our world.

Blast off into fun as our mini astronauts learn about stars, planets and space travel through games, crafts and more. Register for just one day or for the whole week see options. Each camp offers a fun and exciting week of age-appropriate music, crafts and dance focusing on classical technique in a fun, nurturing and creative environment. Camp introduces jazz, tap, hip-hop and contemporary dance. Plan and build amazing projects using visual programming.

Create interactive stories, design and build video games and learn animation basics as you bring them to life with code. Enjoy programming robots and piloting a virtual drone. Learn how fashion design works and how clothing lines are created while learning basic hand and machine sewing.

Techniques include sketching a design portfolio, measuring, using patterns, fabric structure, maintenance and sewing machine operation. Campers who have taken Fashion Design Camp before will work on projects for their back-to-school wardrobe. Budding entrepreneurs learn how to make lemonade and earn money selling it. Fun hands-on activities empower campers with an entrepreneurial mindset in a nurturing environment fostering teamwork.

Design marketing flyers, estimate profit and experiment with recipes while developing business savvy. Campers launch the lemonade stand on Friday to raise money for a charity of their choice. Camp includes activity breaks and playtime outside. Have fun learning baking techniques including pastry dough, decorating, chocolate molding and plating fundamentals. Campers love the daily farm visits to meet and learn about the animals and their babies, the dairy, the garden and the trails.

Activities also include hikes, crafts, games, farm demonstrations and making their own afternoon snack. Bring morning snack, lunch and drink. Build projects inspired by cool machines close to home, such as cities, garbage trucks and catamarans. Then build skulltrucks, dragons, and Spinjitzu Spinners from Ninjago City.

Campers enjoy different robotics and coding activities, instructional time and hands-on activities that reinforce key concepts and develop science and engineering skills. Fun activities enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Campers put on a performance and all participants receive a free camp T-shirt. Bring lunch, drink and swimsuit there may be an afternoon swim break. Learn Now Music introduces a variety of musical instruments and concepts including piano, guitar, violin, drums, voice and movement. Participate in musical games, crafts and related projects.

Campers are issued an instrument to borrow for the week. Instruments differ between the a. Bring a snack and drink daily full-day campers also bring lunch. Four-day camp. Learn beginning archery shooting techniques as well as other aspects of the sport. Equipment is provided. Half-day and full-day options. Full-day campers enjoy mini-golf, geocaching and other outdoor activ-.

Join One on One for a unique camp where participants focus on basketball and a variety of different sports each day. Participants are introduced to soccer, kickball, flag tag among other sports and enjoy an afternoon swim break. Participants gain confidence, improve coordination and develop balance, grace and agility as they learn modern Olympic fencing fundamental footwork, handwork and strategy Foil, Epee, and Saber , as well as medieval and renaissance historical swordsmanship Longsword, Rapier and Dagger, and Broadsword using safety-tipped practice swords in an age-appropriate and safe environment.

Learn the art of fencing while exploring its history. Practice basic techniques, proper etiquette and fencing safety. We also focus on the importance of proper foil fencing to prepare for an end-of-the-week tournament. Full-day or half-day options; see times. Players learn basketball and tennis fundamentals. Develop a love for both sports as camp includes confidence-building drills and matches incorporating learned skills. Activities include dribble tag, hot-seat, ultimate knockout and many more. Some camps are bused to nearby school for gym use. A comprehensive program introducing table tennis to campers through fun and innovative lessons and activities Bring lunch and water bottle.

If time permits, campers at RECenters may also have a swim break during the day. Challenger Sports international coaches provide an introduction to soccer through fun games, competitions and skill-developing activities. Future soccer stars are born as they embrace the fundamentals and become captivated by the game. Challenger Sports soccer coaches provide a great camp experience, lending their knowledge and expertise on skill development, tactical awareness and fun. Full-day campers may swim in the afternoons site specific. Please bring cleats, swimsuit, towel and a water bottle. Bring snack and drink.

Campers should wear tight-fitting clothing on top and no wheelie shoes. Enhance golf skills and learn putting, chipping, irons and woods play, course etiquette and best safety practices from one of our certified instructors. Use your skills on the course at the end of the week.

Clubs are not required; bringing clubs is suggested. Pinecrest offers a half-day or full-day option bring lunch or money to purchase lunch from snack bar if attending full-day. Bring snack and water bottle. In this fun, fast-moving program, kids enjoy a wide variety of sports and athletic games.

Please bring a lunch, water bottle and swimsuit each day. Join Moonlit Wings Productions as we put on a one-day show featuring solo and group acts. Share your special talent or come to learn acting and singing skills. The day includes improvisation games, character creation and a talent show. Ratchet up your imagination and gear up for LEGO fun through engineer-designed projects such as fire trucks, space stations, tugboats or our infamous Battletracks.

Design and build your craziest ideas in a supportive environment. In this one-day workshop, learn survival skills on and off trail. Build forts, make a fire, filter water and learn to survive the environment around you. Spend the day with our exhibit animals. Check their health, weight and size. Clean and refresh their tanks, and enjoy some fun activities and games. Bring a bag lunch, snack and drink. Wear old clothes. Mammals rule the animal kingdom! What kinds of mammals live in forests, meadows and wetlands of Huntley Meadows Park? Come with us on a mammal safari, and learn about foxes, beavers and deer, and enjoy guided nature walks, stories, games, crafts and fun activities.

Spend a day on the farm. Indoor and outdoor fun for elementary-aged students including crafts, STEAM activities, board games, music, baking and more. Dress for weather and farm fun. Based at the Old Floris Schoolhouse. Bring a lunch, drink and snack. Join One on One for a day of basketball and swimming. Join us for this one-day camp for players who want to sharpen their skills or beginners who want to learn the game. Bring snack and drink; full-day campers also bring lunch.

Join our naturalist on outdoor adventures and field studies. Learn about the amazing animal world and outdoor survival skills such as using maps,. Experiments, games, activities and observation help us explore many habitats in our parks. Campers must be potty-trained, able to separate with ease and be 3 years old by the first day of camp. No camp July AAA8 E8A. AE17 E8A. D E8A. Full and half-day programs Extended Care Available Conveniently located at RECenters, lakefront parks, nature centers, historic sites, golf courses, and schools throughout Fairfax County. For inclusion and ADA Support, call TTY Va.

This summer really R. Campers enjoy swimming, arts and crafts, outdoor activities, cooperative games and exciting themes. Some camps offer special events or a field trip additional fee may be collected depending on the week. Bring lunch, drink, swimsuit and towel.

Some pools may be closed in late August for maintenance. Spend the morning having fun in one of our half-day programs and the afternoon in our Fun Camp. Join us for lunch, swim time and afternoon activities. Bring lunch, drink, swimsuit and towel daily. A great morning camp for campers registered for an afternoon half-day camp. Bring lunch and drink daily.

E C C8FB C F C Take part in a week of true adventures. The 8- to 10 —year-old age. The to year-old age group Ultimate Adventure enjoys a ropes course with zipline, kayaking, outdoor living skills day, caving and rock climbing. Instruction begins on an introductory level and progresses with the group. Once registered, go to www. Enjoy a new adventure each day. Weekly trips include an amusement park, a waterpark and other fun excursions.

Weekly trips listed on the web. Prices include admission fees and transportation. Children are transported by school bus. End time may vary due to traffic. Explore the Potomac by land, air and water. During this weeklong adventure, campers sample a variety of thrills. Junior Adventurers enjoy rock climbing, kayaking, ropes course, SUP and hiking while the older adventurers enjoy all of those activities plus whitewater rafting. Potomac Adventures DranesvilleTv 9am-4pm 5F9.

RiverbendPk 9am-4pm 5F9. Older Adventurers RiverbendPk 9am-4pm Bikes and helmets provided, but campers are welcome to bring their own. Campers should have basic riding skills and feel comfortable riding on pavement before attending this camp. Bring lunch and water bottle daily. A great, safe time for enjoying the outdoors while having fun and gaining self-confidence. Enjoy this combo camp featuring two popular outdoor activities- fishing and archery. Learn to use a classic bow and arrow, atlatl and other primitive tools.

Gain fishing knowledge and experience, both on-shore and by boat. No Camp July RiverbendPk 9am-4pm 15A. RiverbendPk 9am-4pm AE2.