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Aileene Palm is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and nutritionist with more than 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. She holds a B. As an author and expert, Palm's work has appeared in "Swimmer" magazine, "Shape" and the Scrubs online magazine. It's a good time to be a personal trainer, with jobs in the fitness industry expected to increase 10 percent by , according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you have a passion for fitness and helping others, and you know your way around a gym floor, all you need is a certification to get started.

However, if you're tight on cash you can snag a certification for much less than that. Once you pay the fee, you will receive the textbook in the mail. You can study at your own pace, then register to take the certification exam at a testing center in your area. The ACT personal trainer certification is cheap, but it isn't poor quality.

The NCCA provides accreditation to organizations that have proven to offer legitimate certification. What matters to you most: The expected study time is inferred from the time the certification bodies give you when you buy the study materials until the time you have to take the exam. Study as long as you need but must complete the test within 90 days of requesting the exam voucher.

Schedule test before 6 months of purchase ends but can take it before 9 months. The timeline you have to complete the test matters depending on your situation. Are you currently unemployed and need a training job as soon as possible? You would then want the shortest study time and easiest test. Are you looking to become certified without the need for immediate employment?

Maybe a longer study time would be needed since you are less motivated for immediate results. Also, keep in mind how much time you have to put toward your studies? If you only have two hours a week, you may not be able to complete your studies in the allotted time. What type of test taker are you?

A confident test taker will not need to worry about the length of test or number of questions. Or, if you have an extreme fear of tests consider ISSA as there is no time limit for completion and the test is open book. Just make sure your potential employer approves this certification since it is not NCCA accredited. Recertification is required by all certifying bodies. The process of recertification varies slightly, but one common ground is that they require you to continue your education and show proof of this newly obtained knowledge via CEUs or Continuing Education Units.

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Also, there are typically 1,s of courses to choose from to continue your education and we have compiled a list of our favorites here. Hopefully, this will not matter if you are successful in your personal training career. To ensure that you are successful check out this highly recommended business and sales course for personal trainers. The popularity of a certification is based on the number of trainers with a specific cert in the field as well as the number of test takers per year.

Not reported in the graph is the number of tests taken per year.

Best Personal Trainer Certification [video & infographic]

However, they did tell us that they said they have twice as many as their competitors combined. NSCA, who is also the second-most expensive certification, has the least amount trainers with their cert. This is a bit odd considering NASM, a brand with lots of interest, can justify this interest by charging more.

AFAA said they have , certified but for a different group fitness certification. The way that we look at this statistic is mainly by determining the recognition for each certification body. It is assumed that the more people that take a certification the more well-known that certification is.

How Much Does Personal Trainer Certification Cost?

Popularity can be seen as a reputation builder meaning that more people trust that company, but it also can be determined by the volume of marketing and advertising a company puts in. This leads to more people in general recognizing the NASM brand and name. When trainers say they are NASM-Certified, their clients typically recognize the brand name because of the abundant advertising and that makes the trainer more reputable, even though the client knows nothing about the quality of education NASM provides.

Personal Training Certifications - Which Ones are BEST and Why?

Most of the certifying bodies will be very similar in their balance of educational topics, due to the NCCA regulation that forces companies to do a Job Task Analysis. This Job Task Analysis determines the most important knowledge to have to be successful in the field and is typically the same across the board. Therefore, each company is required to have the same topics of education.

Best Personal Training Certification Programs

We estimate that these individuals, on average, make:. Your success as a business person is determined by your drive, knowledge of key business and sales techniques, location and various other things. To find out how to be optimize your success we recommend this online course. Should you fail the exam the first time around, all the certifications bodies charge to retake it. The takeaway here is to prepare for whatever test you take, and make sure you pass the first time around!

Again, choosing a personal training certification is a very subjective decision and certain factors may weigh more heavily with specific individuals. For example, if price is a factor, then NASM may not be the best option for you. However, when you look at income, NASM personal trainers tend to make the most, showing that this is likely the best investment in your future.

The amount of CEUs required, as well as the recertification fee, are also an important consideration as this is required by all the certification bodies. The point is, you should be objective in your selection and determine what factors are most important to you. But remember, any trainer you ask advice for will likely be partial to whatever certification they have. I hope that this post has helped you make the decision to choosing the best personal training certification for you that much easier.

If you have any questions, or would like to see anything else added to this list, please leave a comment below. With over 10 years experience and 8 different certifications and specializations, as well as multiple years teaching training at a vocational college, Lester loves sharing his knowledge of practical training experience as well as how to study for PT exams.

Lester is the author of Business and Sales: The Guide to Success as a Personal Trainer. Use the attached infographic to quickly […]. I would just like to say though if anyone is reading this and you choose a program based on the easiest pass rate of the exam you should not be a trainer!

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The last thing we need are more poorly informed certified trainers out there. If you read the material and really apply yourself to learning it the tests should be easy. Thanks for the article. It was very helpful. I am really considering NCSF. The stumbling block might be the size of a mountain. A lack of a certificate, though, could make career success elusive. Holding a certificate from an accredited organization certainly makes landing clients or jobs at a gym less difficult than would be the case without one. Are all these programs costly?

Less-expensive alternatives to the more expensive ones do exist, and they are worth checking out.

What is the cheapest accredited personal trainer certification? | Blog

Based on the most recent information, the least expensive accredited personal training certification is the one offered by The National Federation of Professional Trainers NFPT. Pass the exam, and you receive an accredited personal training certification.

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No strings or hidden requirements exist. Earning a certification requires a passing score on a question examination. Certifications are good for two years. Then the trainer must retake the exam for recertification. However, the price paid only covers the examinations. Study materials are not included in either package.

A person with significant knowledge in personal training might be able to ace any examination without spending any money or time on study materials. Most people, however, would benefit from purchasing supplementary study material for the exam. Reviewing the study material increases the odds of passing the test on the first try.

The standard certification package comes with a study guide, trainer manual, and online learning tools. The premier package offers the same components as the standard package along with assessment video reviews, practice tests, and expert support. The NCSF also offers additional preparation programs at the following prices:. All of these different programs offer the digital version of the textbook, lesson notes, questions and answers, instruction videos, and more.