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The laser affects hairs that are in the growth phase anagene phase. It will thus take 6 treatments to effectively treat all the hairs in a chosen area. Results vary with either type of treatment and depend on compliance with recommended treatment intervals but can also be affected by genetic and hormonal factors. Treatment times vary from one area to another. For the majority of people, laser treatments are not very painful. The feeling is described as being hit by an elastic band with every pulsation of the laser.

Pain thresholds vary from one person to the next and from one part of the body to the next, but most often the treatment is well tolerated.

Get smooth skin ASAP!

Some people prefer to use an anaesthetic agent before their treatment. Laser hair removal is safe. However complications such as burns, hypo or hyper pigmentation and scarring can occur. These complications are often mild and temporary.

Laser hair removal

To minimize the occurrence of burns. Do not use tanning creams or sprays 1 month prior and 2 weeks after your treatments. Tanning causes skin cells to produce pigment. If you are exposed to the sun, a UV source or tanning products please advise your technician so that she may reduce the power delivered by the laser. To reduce the incidence of either of these conditions avoid all irritation to the skin before and after treatments.

Injured skin has a tendency to produce more or less pigment than healthy skin. Avoid exposure to the sun or UV rays, abrasions, scratching or rubbing area of skin that will be or have recently been treated. These dark or light spots are mostly of an esthetic concern and are often temporary. However, resolution can take up to 12 months. If spontaneous resolution does not occur, different treatment options are available. Medical studies have shown that the most effective interval is 6 weeks days. This coincides with the anagene active phase of the hair cycle.

The diode laser produces a light in the nanometer range which specifically seeks the pigment in dark hair and does not affect surrounding tissues — this is best for hair removal. It is a type of lamp that produces a flash of light in the same range as the laser but is less powerful. IPLs are generally less effective than lasers; it takes more treatments to accomplish similar hair reduction. Light-skinned people with Vellus hair peach fuzz , and with light hair or light blonde hair, do not have enough pigment for the laser to be effective.

Black people have too much pigment and the laser is unable to penetrate deeply enough to be effective. The energy is absorbed at the level of the skin and can cause burns. This diode laser is capable of effectively and permanently eliminating unwanted hair in a reliable, and virtually painless fashion.

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The laser delivers a high energy pulse to the hair follicle and inactivates it permanently. We have heard horror stories of patients who finally discovered us after having 7, 8, 10 treatments elsewhere and who still had hair! One major chain in Montreal tells its clients they will need an average of treatments. No, you will feel a little prickling but it is not painful. It feels like an elastic band snapping on the skin. Electrolysis is much more expensive, because you need to go for many, many treatments over, sometimes, literally years of treatments.

Although some electrolysis machines are not old, it is an old or outdated technology. By the time you are finished using electrolysis, you will have paid many more times the cost of using laser! Electrolysis is also very time consuming.

Laser Hair Removal in Montreal. Safe, Effective Epilation Procedure

For an upper lip, for example, you may need hours of treatments whereas, our laser will take just a few minutes! It may take literally years to do large areas with electrolysis, whereas laser will take just a few months. Sometimes, there is "Peri follicular edema" slight swelling around the pores but this too is very temporary and soon disappears. After your consultation, only extremely qualified, trained, and experienced technicians will do your treatments.

Clinical treatment / supervised by physicians

It is important to note that all our laser technicians are trained and qualified skin analysis specialists - an absolute necessity for safe and effective treatments. Yes, more and more men are now getting hair removal done and many of our clients are men. They typically want to have hair removed from their neck, back or chest.

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  • Some of our clients are body builders who like to have all the hair removed from their entire body. Slimming treatment sessions performed by a team of professionals. Sessions of permanent hair removal over 12 months in a salon near Place Longueuil. Performed on the hands, face or neck, this treatment helps regenerate and smooth the skin to reduce wrinkles, scars, and more. Non-surgical treatment to eliminate the appearance of cellulite and to firm the skin. Natural treatments for a radiant skin. Non-invasive ultrasound technology to eliminate cellulite and other fatty deposits.

    Facials with AquaClean technology to gently clean congested pores, nourish and restructure skin.

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    The heat of the light rays permanently destroys hair follicles at the root on the bikini area, underarms and half-legs. Microdermabrasion infuses a moisturizing or brightening solution or one that helps treat acne or skin spots, depending on the skin type. IPL allows permanent hair removal on areas where hair is unwanted. Are new hairs emerging on yours once sooth legs?

    If so, it is a sign that you need a hair removal procedure. With Groupon, it is now easy, and inexpensive. This is so because of discount coupons for laser hair removal in Montreal. Laser hair removal is the best way of removing unwanted hair.