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I saw something about daily deals in the movies app yesterday when I was checking the free anime seasons. Someone said Major Nelson mentioned that they are not doing it this year. I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Gamefaqs users are friends, not food. I think there are but for the life of me I can't figure it out on the store. Storeparser has added two more to the price change list: Odyssey and Lego Jurassic Park.

Seems to fit the pattern of daily deals, but the store doesn't display them that way. It's for movies and music this year Play Slow Die Ignorant. That's just storeparser being stupid, those have been part of the sale since discounts started showing up.

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Every regular here knows about Major Nelson's site, right? Don't y'all think he would mention daily deals for games and list them if they were doing them? He specifically mentions daily deals on movies and shows, with no mention, or lists, of daily deals for games. Check out my youtube channel https: Please Log In to post.

This topic is locked from further discussion. SerOlmy Follow Forum Posts: Was going to buy it I am really getting tired of 3rd-party DRM on Steam. IMO Valve needs to put their foot down and cut it out as it is losing them sales. Game is awesome and the price is great, pick this one up. Elann Follow Forum Posts: Next time, link it brother!

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Whiteblade Follow Forum Posts: Same reason I'm not buying it. I'm sure the publishers care about those 4 games that didn't sell. Still, the games are very awesome.

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I think they were cheaper during the summer sale though. Masenkoe Follow Forum Posts: You can get the game cheaper off amazon. Your second sentence, I do agree with. Elann DRM for Riddick: The activation limit resets every 30 days.

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But the real question is: Some people just do not want that. Never had any issues with any of those games listed and there DRM. Missing out on some great games imo Riddick and Risen two of my favs. Phoenix Follow Forum Posts: FelipeInside Follow Forum Posts: Not going to get simply due to the DRM..

Steam is already a form of DRM to begin with.. It's a shame really It's sad to see it stops other gamers from playing one of the best FPS of all time. I played the first one and thought it was great. I havent played the 2nd one though.

The "biggest sale" in Xbox Live's history is underway.

At the time it just got mediocre reviews and I havent bothered to get back to it. Ive owned this for over a year and never had a issue with the DRM. I bought this game at the beginning of the year when it was on sale. I want to thank each and every one of you that recommended this game. This is the best game that I would have never played.

Miroku32 Follow Forum Posts: Was interested but with that DRM the company lost a sale. Definitely worth it, even just for the upgraded version of Butcher Bay. And I'm usually the type that has high tolerance for DRMs. No wonder u don't have the time if u replay each game. No wonder u don't have the time if u replay each game When I played Metro the first time it was on the lowest possible settings.

P I would like to experience it on PC though. Nothing wrong with replaying your games ; No, of course there is nothing wrong with replaying, never said there was.

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I would love to replay some of my games but when time is limited u must move onto the next title. Never said you said there was:? Never said that you said that never was that you never said Ahhh sheet, forget about it: Nothing wrong with replaying your games ; Metro is definitely badass enough to replay times. I thought it was linear Nothing wrong with replaying your games ; FelipeInside Metro is definitely badass enough to replay times.

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I would love to replay some of my games but when time is limited u must move onto the next title Stop buying new games? P heatfanman This game goes on sale a lot.