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With HD service from Comcast, TV customers can experience their favorites shows in crystal clear picture and sound. X1 Integration X1 Integration. Just say things like, "What's my WiFi username and password? Use voice commands like "Xfinity Home cameras" to see who's at the front door and much more.

You can even use the X1 Voice Remote to find the program you want. Visit a nearby store Locate Store. View Store Details. Get Directions. Shop Xfinity View all offers. Explore Xfinity TV Show. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Xfinity WiFi is included with Performance Internet and above only. I called today and I was on the phone for 45 minutes with a man who was clearly trained to repeat everything I said for the taped recording.

Such a waste of time. I finally had to end the call as I needed to continue on with my day. Not of interest to me. Who knows what the initial total would have been. He was too busy repeating my questions to ever answer them. But I will be damned if I pay the first price they quote me. Any help here, John. Do you have to have TV my son has 7.

Do you need high-performance internet access? Is DSL from the phone company an option? Some DSL lines go up to 15 mbps which might be enough for your needs. Is WiFi sharing with a neighbor an option? They have an online chat option as well which might be a little more convenient than using your phone. As always, Michael has some really good ideas. Michael is also on point in suggesting that you share a WiFi connection with one of your neighbors. Aside from that, how much do you really use the Internet at home?

If you are not a heavy Internet user which I doubt given that you are commenting on a blog , you may want to consider using your smartphone as a WiFi hotspot. You could also get a mobile hotspot from any cell phone provider. It is not an ideal solution but neither is Comcast. What worries me about Comcast is the the way they gobble up other companies. Time Warner Cable was not a small company. I hope I am wrong, but I suspect that Comcast will continue buying competitors until it truly owns the entire market.

From there, they will likely throttle the hell out of the Internet and make it prohibitively expensive to get decent Internet.

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Same deal with wireless companies. Hopefully, Google Fiber is ready soon. One interesting thing about Comcast is that they are rolling out a WiFi hotspot network. They have done this with many small businesses in my area and their next phase is to roll it out into residential installations. This is something that could potentially decrease cellular bandwidth consumption or it could provide a family member with free WiFi if they live near one of these hotspots. There is some talk about them wanting to become a cellular service provider augmented by this WiFi network. That would make them a direct competitor to Verizon which currently does landline, cellular and television.

Brave new world. Starbucks is migrating to Google Fiber and the rollout is underway. I like the idea of having a mobile hotspot to go with your plan. Unfortunately, that is not offered in my area. Plus, I just switched service providers. Moving into cellular service would be a good move for Comcast assuming they get their customer service under control on existing products and services. I recently heard that you can buy a Ipad with wifi and also use it to run your lap top or desk top if you set it up near it.

I have an HP ,all in one touch screen, desk top and like the screen size for a lot of things and the larger key board for typing.

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This way, I could be through with all of these corrupt companies and their schemes and maybe have no charges each month. Do you know about this? I do not know,but maybe Surface Pro can offer the same thing with a larger screen and snap on keyboard. Comcast relies on the tendency of people to pick the default action—nothing. People tend to do nothing unless moved by a significant force. If we had to consciously write a check every month, we would notice a lot faster. I just got a call from Comcast and hey offered to cut my past due amount in half Left from their overcharges when they dropped my plan early if I made a payment today.

They have nothing to lose as they billed for amounts not agreed to and now they come off as the hero. Their recording now claims to give you a superior customer service experience. Comcast customers, another quick way to save in the long run is to buy your own modem. You can buy it new or used of Ebay or Amazon. Cost me Check with Comcast.

Done so for 6 years now. Great article, I even got a tip off it. Always aim high, you will save one way or the other. Calling back if you get a tough c. Years ago it was all verbal. Always go for a year promo.

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See, ex. Of starting high. Almost everything with a dollar sign is neg. Keep track on a calendar like John said. Watch those dates, Comcast is sneaky with when promos start and end. ALSO, try neg. With online reps too. I would always recommend buying the device over renting it, especially if you plan on keeping the service for a long time as you will pay more over the long haul in renting.

Thanks for mentioning this suggestion.

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I totally forgot about it. You are completely right. Thanks for sharing! Buying your own modem is a great way to save money over the long-term. It all adds up faster than we realize. What people need to realize is that even a little effort goes a long way in negotiation. Know that you can win and go for the throat. I found your emails interesting but missing much.. I have logged around hours in my dealings with Comcast. This is due to transfers, dropped calls, wrong department etc. They are set up so that no department overlap.

On line chat cannot help with anything that was initiated on the phone and vise versa. No matter who you talk to or what department, they will not tell you that they cannot help you or answer a simple yes or no question until you have spent at least an hour with them answering the same questions over and over again in the same phone call with the same person or with multiple people. And by the way it does not matter is you are nice or nasty. The 12 months would be up in October.

By the way I have verified the 24 month with 12 month renewal in most conversations that I have had with them. This is a company that makes it money by fraud and in my case wire fraud and a bait and switch con. They get by with this because most people let it go because of the hassle of dealing with them and will decide to accept some small concession instead of what they are entitled to. None of their people are allowed to make any significant decisions and there is no one available that can. Most people will give up long before they get a plan like mine and long before they get it reinstated.

I will not! I am ready to do what it takes in filing official complains and pursuing a class action suit to punish this company for its greed and corruption. Apparently the federal trade commission and the FCC has no interest in monitoring this company and assuring fair business practices for this monopoly. Regarding an iPad with WiFi: Cellular data plans are far more expensive on a GB basis but you get the convenience of having access while driving, on the train or on the go.

Having access to both is nice. I appreciate the information. I would be very curious to see the response if a group of people filed a class action lawsuit against Comcast for its business practices. If justice was served, they would take a significant financial hit. I just called Comcast to get my bill lowered.

I actually wanted to add a couple of premium channels to my existing tier so I knew the chance of getting the bill lowered were slim. I called and followed the I want to disconnect my service prompts. I told the lady my apt. This was for 20 MB service. They went to raise the price slightly and I asked him if he could live with 7. So there is some serious competition in his building. What works is if you have less expensive alternatives as that gives you negotiating leverage. You are a new customer so they will likely have promotional rates available to you — those rates are different in differing markets because there is competition in some markets and no competition in others.

The first thing you should do is price out ComCast promotions and then price out other options. And this is why they can keep raising rates year after year. You are right. A true fiber connection is insanely fast and costs a helluva lot more than standard speeds. It definitely sucks that you do not have access to any other high-speed services in your area. Hopefully, another company joins the party soon to offer you some choice. Compared to a true fiber connection, 25Mbps is not fast at all, but it is fast enough for my needs. For me, it is all about function.

As a bachelor living alone, fiber is overkill. With 25Mbps, I can surf the Internet, use apps on my phone, and stream to my Roku at the same time with zero lag. No, it is not the fastest connection in the world, but it is fast enough for me. Thanks for this helpful article. They said I was on my last month of the discount which makes sense since I moved in a year ago. With all due respect Brock, you cannot blame this article for the increase in your bill.

As you said, you are on the last month of your current promotion. If you are still unhappy, do some research and find a better rate from a competitor. Call Comcast again, tell them the rate of their competitor, and threaten to switch if they do not match it. Also, try using these negotiation techniques with your other recurring expenses: Get creative and see if you can find other ways to save money. You mistook a bit of light humor for anger or frustration.

I did use some of the techniques you described. Good luck with the writing career. And might I suggest you grow a thicker skin…with all due respect. I did cry into my pillow for an hour after I read your first comment. Then, I wrestled a bear and ate some nails to toughen up. That said, I am glad to hear that you found some of the techniques useful and appreciate that you took the time to read the article and leave a comment. Hopefully, Comcast gives you a better deal next time.

Saturday my service was cut-off, and on the 3rd Monday at I then called comcast and paid bill and service was restored. The constant increases caused be to drop all the way down to economy 3Mbps. But I generally connect to their xfinitywifi advertised at approx. A campaign for better service, pricing, and performance may take peeking in on your neighborhood meetings.

They exist and operate the way the do because there is not enough competition. Capitalism only works for all if there is genuine competition….. I do not think that I want to spend five hours negotiating with them. But I do like to save the company money on this sort of thing. Very interesting reads. Same story as others, get next months bill and its higher. Call back and am told that person cant do that, although it was supposed to be supervisor who approved the lower rate.

This is bait and switch. Because they can and nobody looks at them, investigates them, questions them. They, Comcast have free reign and they know it. I would really like to see a class action lawsuit started against them. You sound like you would be awesome at it.

People complain but noone does anything about it because someone else picks up the tab. I looked at earnings for Comcast. They have a huge amount of debt so that explains interest expenses and I assume that they pay a nice dividend. I would pay more for Comcast if I had to because there is no other option.

They are an effective monopoly. I see that as a hidden charge, in other words the showed price is a total lie. What does the government does about this customer lure? If you live there a year it more than pays for itself. Comcast now has you put in info so they know your existing, trying to figure out a way around to see new deals. Some companies choose to reward customer loyalty, not Comcast. They love to make their most loyal customers pay more money every six months for the exact same service.

I have just called Comcast twice but I could not get to talk to a manager nor to get any discount. Just signed up on a website specialized in negotiating with service providers www. The only people that will give you a deal is the resolution department and they must be convinced that you are serious about cancelling. I insisted on verification by email which in the past they have refused to provide.

It arrived and the first bill come and I have paid it. I guess you have to be desperate to get a deal. I had decided that I would do without both if I could not get an amount that was reasonable and that would fit my budget. It did not hurt that I informed them that they now have competition in my area and even though I did not want the hassle of changing carriers, they were giving me no real choice because I could not afford the outrageous rates they were planning on charging me.

I tried to negotiate with Comcast but they would not give me any discount so I did like Katherin and I signed up on Billxperts. They actually saved me a decent amount of money: The only interaction I had with Billxperts was thru email but their service was pretty good. Seems like a good service to me. If they LIKE you they will likely give you a good deal. Good luck and try to be nice.

What other company can you call and say I want to pay the same price I paid 20 years ago.. If the service itself has not evolved such as Comcast Services?.. Great if you are getting exactly the same service you had for that Every Company has a rate increase every year.. Customers control their own behavior with paying their bills. Then drop the services. There are more than enough packages available for each customer..

Then call. You changed to a temporary promo price for either months. This day in age we want everything for nothing.. These are things we ALL can live without.. Most of us have! If I go to Verizon for Just press the option to make a change or if you need to disconnect then press the option for the correct people to assist you for your need to pay lower prices.

You control your budget.. Not the companies providing you with what you WANT. I worked with Comcast couple of months from now. What I experience with the work I had right now is very stressful dealing with different customers. But then, I really enjoy assisting them to give the best out of their needs. That is how I provide good customer experience. The degree to which they will negotiate does vary somewhat from one market to another.

But in any case they are still making on the average about 90 percent profit margins. Comcast is also managed by psychopaths and most of the people who end up staying in the sales department have criminal tendencies. Nobody else would enjoy cheating customers for a commission. We need a permanent solution in the form of a law that requires the company to charge everyone the same price for the same service at all times, and post a sample copy of the bill online. They must also be prevented from outsourcing customer service to foreign countries as a condition of operating a business on public property.

Politicians will not do this because most are taking bribes from the cable cartel. We need lots of people to run against the incumbents on a platform to regulate this industry at the state level which is our 10th amendment right. The fix is to have the state governments reassert their lawful authority and take back the power which they have surrendered to the FCC which does not really do anything to protect the consumer. Then force carriers to sublet cables on public land to competitors on a pro-rated basis. No more monopolies on broadband can be allowed.

In the future you will switch your ISP without changing equipment, just like switching your land line telephone long distance carrier. Comcast is so annoying sometimes. I think when you get a not so good rep they will overpromise and under deliver just to get your off the phone and happy for the meanwhile. I negotiated a a certain rate they said to wait a month for it to show on bill.

Waited and the the bill was alot more then they promised. Called back and got no where. I had been with Comcast for 22 years now on their Triple Play deal but every 2 years or 24 months after your contract expire, I have to remember to make a call to cancel in order to get a better deal or keep the same deal.

How they get you to stay is that they threaten you that you will lose your email address, mailbox and phone installation fee again if you cancel and sign up again but there are ways to get around that. If you talk to different Comcast customer service representative in the loyalty cancellation or customer retention department, you will get different deals.

The key is to negotiation is to be able to walk away and hang up and not accept the first offer and then call back and ask for better deal. They are just a bunch of greedy scumbags, and monopolists who are trying to maximize their profits and plugging the loop hole and enslave existing customers as they may cancel and re-order as new customer to take advantage of their new customer offers. Unfortunately, comcast is the cheapest by far in my area. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance! Thank you! I followed the steps and got my monthly price unchanged but speed increased without even asking for manager.

Thank you John and hope my experience will be helping the others who are dealing this notorious company. What was your biggest takeaway from this article? Thanks so much for the article. Thanks so much for your help! I have had both off and on for several years. The Internet is just their 24 Mbps and is good enough for what we do.

I really want to stay with Uverse, but want to lower my bill some. I also, have two iPhones on their as well. Any advice? Thanks, Joe. Well, I think the internet services becomes so cheaper than there is no need to negotiate now. Even many of the companies offers very special discounts to the students so that they can easily control their educational expenses.

Companies are losing power as consumers get more and more informed. My pleasure! Feel free to experiment with other areas of your financial life as well and negotiate some other things. Excellent advice about calling the cancellation dept right away!

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I typically call to renegotiate these services and threaten to cancel, but it usually seems to take some time to get to the right person. With this technique, I got through right away with no waiting on hold or dealing with an incompetent service rep. I was calm, polite, and honest, and they gave me what I wanted. Gimme the juice! Thanks for the tips!! Using xfinity paying With free basic cable. We have 2 online gamers. We have been with them for two years.

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Anyone getting a better deal with the same speed? Both are independent personality characteristics. I know plenty of rich Democrats and poor Republicans. Still, I agree that Comcast is monopolistic and cares nothing for their customers.

It is only a matter of time before someone beats them at their own game and squeezes Comcast out of the market. Why not just quit, and then resign up with a different family member. That way you can get the packages for new customers. That works, too, in a pinch. Most of the time, you can get Comcast to lower the price, using the strategies in this guide. But, you sometimes need to go the extra mile to get a truly good deal. Been doing this with companies for years. Since their sales are just making less on highway robbbery. But I guess being robbed less is always good. I have been doing this for years.

It has always worked in the past and I see no reason why it will not work again. I will let you know how this all works out. My main goal is to get them to commit to a longer term for my current rate. The practice of increasing my rate every year does not lead to me being a happy customer.

You would think that with more competition, they would want to retain their customers. We will see. Good article. I did my homework on competitive prices and called them saying we want internet only. We have been customers for 23 years at this address. Maybe could have done better, not sure. Problem is the other ISPs in this area do no have esp fast internet service…. Why pay for something that you can get over the air OTA for free!!!!

Buy an antenna and save the money! What if you have Verizon Fios?? Do they basically do the same things when you try to negotiate with them? The principles of negotiation are largely the same. Try it and see what happens. The worst case scenario is that nothing happens. Give it a shot! Get direction and take your Salesforce career to the next level with one-on-one and small group Salesforce career coaching. Learn More Get Started Today. Additional menu Negotiation is a critical life skill whether you like it or not.

Here are some success stories: Bro, you rock!! SAVED Rock on! Comcast needs you more than you need Comcast. Try this: Being nice goes a long, long way. That is an indisputable fact. So be nice. Niceness goes a long way in negotiation. Be firm in your commitment to get a better rate. Prepare For Your Negotiation Every negotiation requires preparation. Pay your bills on time. Research current promotions. What should you look for? One-time fees: Recurring fees: Plan types: Google, Yelp! Call Comcast. Cancel your service.

I would like to cancel my service. When the customer service representative asks why you want to cancel your service, tell them: Play hard-to-get and say something like: Sure, go ahead. But, you need to find a pretty amazing deal to beat your competitors. What else can you offer? Ask for their manager. Asking for the manager does two things: Negotiate a better deal. Case Study: Now, take action or nothing changes. Get guidance and direction on your Salesforce career This month, I am offering a free, minute Salesforce career coaching call, plus my free Salesforce career e-book, when you subscribe to my Salesforce career newsletter.

Spam is gross. Comments Curious to know if your deal actually materialized. Thanks again! Do you have a number for the cancellation dept? Great suggestion. Remember, if it has a price, you can negotiate it. Who has money for cancellation ir God knows what for new insulation fee. Bessie, Your talking about technical support of service related errors.