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Hopefully your order and rebate happen soon! Yeah I got through on support call, and then he sent me to a different department, except the number he connected me to was, somehow someway, Orbitz Reward VISA support. A store can't really do anything. CS doesn't even really reply to emails that much. And sit. Did they possibly completely forget my order past creating the label?

Should I be worried? Or is it just a one-time use only? Is it normal to have bought the nintendo switch MK bundle on Wednesday of last week and it still hasn't shipped? I got my order confirmation, just hasn't shipped yet. Guess I'm having some bad luck. I live in Alaska and work during the days so it is hard to contact customer service with the long wait times. Let me know if anyone else is experiencing this. I had the same issue as you. I just now said you know what I am just going to cancel this and buy it from somewhere else.

As soon as I started looking at other places I just got my confirmation email at pm today that it shipped. I'd call customer service but I don't have 2 hours to throw away on hold at the moment. Same here. Still waiting on the actual console to ship. Just used it on an online purchase. Still waiting on the Switch to ship. I was just emailed my gift card after 5 days. At this point I regret not ordering from Amazon. Jesus what a major fuck up on their part.

I can only imagine the amount of livid people calling in to the help center lol. Guess I'll just wait and see what this compensation thing is before I ask to have the money re-entered and wait for even more days lol. Dunno tbh, I don't generally shop at gamestop anymore. Probably some used game sale again and console bundles. I have not gotten anything from Gamestop but a confirmation email for my order of 2 games, my order still says processing on website, but UPS notified me through my UPS account that I am receiving a package from Gamestop sometime today. Same here I recieved an email for 2 of the games I bought which are supposed to be on the way but I'm still waiting for a confirmation email for God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn I just hope they send it to me God of War is out of stock appearantly.

Yeah I got the confirmation email on the purchase. They just havent shipped. Hope they don't cancel after everyone else cancels their sales on the game Went into the store and tried to buy red dead with said gift card only to get shut down The store manager told me to contact costumer service Got the card balance now, but I still got billed in full for my order after applying the card. I'll never do business with GS again. You can and must always check the balance of your GC here: Has anyone else got God of War shipped out?

I bought it about 1 hour in on Wednesday when the sales started and everything else shipped but that. I'm guessing it's probably due to not having much stock? Bought at the same time as you, nope. One game has shipped but says it's waiting to be picked up. Would gamestop allow me to switch an unopened switch with neon joycons with an unopened switched with gray joycon?

How long does it typically take for the gift cards to get sent out after the order? I ordered yesterday the Mario Kart Bundle online, the order was confirmed and procesing right now in the page, but the giftcard that i used to pay still shows the full amount. Could have some sort of problem or will it charge the money later?

You get back what you paid. Gift cards are not returnable. So then we have a clear case of false advertising.

What to Expect From GameStop Black Friday Sales in 2018

They say nothing about returns, return value, etc. There is no fine print that I can see.

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If someone has other documentation, I'd like to see it. I know it stops people from buying a promo and returning to keep the promo but it still sounds totally sketchy. Oh well. Credit came from the debacle with the mariokart bundles. I ordered the normal switch with the mario kart image and they sent an email with a code to use to get mario kart or another game. So weird. Anyone deal with this? Question, I bought the Switch MK8 bundle.

Is it possible to buy the warranty? Yeah it took me almost 2 hrs before I was on line. But the dude that I talked to was super helpful though. There was an issue with my gift card but he was able to help order everything again. The wait is long but overall I think it was worth it. My GC came in with no balance, customer service was already closed for the night so I'll have to call tomorrow. I wanted a pokemon edition but tired of waiting. Has your switch been shipped yet?

I got the gift card and the eshop but no shipment confirmation for the console itself. Feels so bad man. I guess I'll be patient and wait for a few more days to see if they would ship it out Is God of War short on stock? All my games shipped except GoW. Is this normal? Never bought anything on Gamestop. So I ordered 3 games on GameStop during Black Friday and just few hours ago I received an email saying that my order is cancelled.

Gamestop Black FRIDAY TRASH I GOT (RANT!!!!)

I used a gift card for my order so it can't be about credit card issue. Is there a chance that they will reverse the cancellation and proceed with my order? The sale price for some of the games is already done.

GameStop Black Friday 2018 Ad Released With Best Console Deals

Did you ever heard back from them? I also noticed that the gift card that I used has zero balance now! This is so frustrating. So i recently ordered 2 switch bundles from gamester online order. One is without mariokart and the other with mariokart. The reason I had to order the second one is that the first one was pictured as mariokart but description was just a regular switch which confused me. I have been trying to reach customer service since Friday but only had to wait more than an hour with no response.

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  • Here Are GameStop's Black Friday Deals: Xbox One, PS4 And Nintendo Switch.

Today both switches shipped, so I am wondering if I can bring the one without mariokart to return at the physical store? Thanks for any feedback! What are the odds of getting one that is not thrashed? Question is, where do I get the gift card? Is there a code sent to me? Yeah it seems like there isn't any method to their madness. I received the gift card via email last night, but my console hasn't actually shipped yet.

The GameStop Black Friday 2018 deals are unveiled.

Hopeful today is the day. I called customer support and was told the email for the gift card my order was the RDR2 PS4 Pro bundle would come within hours after the package is delivered. I don't know why they couldn't have stated that on the item page. I recently ordered 2 games at gamestop online. The problem is that i have ordered the first time around and didn't get the confirmation for like 4 hours later Assuming order didn't go thru first time gamestop online I had ordered the game thing again Then, I received confirmation for the first order but, it was receipt without my gift card added in But then, I knew I had messed up and duplicated the order.

The next day, I had cancelled the second order was in order history But now, my first order is not on my order history and have to manually look it up confusing I bought an Xbox One X yesterday. The guy helping me was visibly in a terrible mood and I never got that offer.

– GameStop Reveals Its Official Black Friday Deals -

Has anyone got their purchase on Wednesday using free shipping days shipped out? Was expecting today Friday , but no email of it being sent out. I have not even gotten my gift card yet, still stuck on open not even processing. I ordered a Nintendo switch what did you order? It just changed to processing for me about an hour ago.

Ordered 30 minutes in when the Black Friday sales started on Wednesday. I ordered the mk8 switch bundle with 50 dolalr gift card. Register Sign In. Email Print Friendly Share. November 13, GameStop Corporation. Related Articles. Formats available: Original Medium Small. You can already shop early Black Friday deals that began November 1. The most important time to score Black Friday deals is during the Thanksgiving week.

The actual Black Friday is on November 23, but most final Black Friday sales begin latest on Thanksgiving Day online and also in stores at many retailers. Walmart released its early Black Friday sale and Amazon launched early Black Friday deals officially November 1. Amazon Black Friday Deals Week. Walmart Pre-Black Friday Sale. You can browse all major Black Friday ads released so far including the following must-see Black Friday ads:. Walmart Black Friday Ad. Amazon Black Friday Deals List. Best Buy Black Friday Ad.

Target Black Friday Ad. The advertised Black Friday deals are available earlier than Thanksgiving Day as retailers host special early Black Friday promotions. Cyber Monday The Cyber Monday sales events begin at many stores already on Sunday, Nov. Deal hunters need to keep this in mind as the best cyber deals are often already selling out on Sunday, ahead of the actual Cyber Monday, Nov. Black Friday Holiday Toys.

In the Top 20 Holiday Toys , you find which Holiday toys to buy now. See also Amazon's Top Holiday toys list and the top 50 trending Holiday toys according to eBay.