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Forum Thread. Just read about this new promotion on http: You will receive information in the mail to redeem your reward cards, once your order is complete and your service is installed. Redemption details provided to customer within 4 weeks of activation of qualifying service.

U-verse TV Wireless Receiver Installation - AT&T U-verse

Card sent to customers weeks after redemption. Redemption requires customer to retain qualifying service a minimum of 30 days and at time processing of reward is completed. Card expires 90 days after issuance. See cardholder agreement and card carrier for other terms and conditions.

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Available to residential customers ordering new U-verse U or higher with U-verse Internet online at att. Available to residential customers ordering new U-verse U or higher online at att.

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AT&T U-verse: $500 back for TV + Internet + Voice, $300 back for TV + Internet, $100 back for TV

This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slickdeals users. I did this today via the phone and it required no information other than me saying who I was and what my account was or phone. The signal quality is better, the DVR is better, the show listing information is better including original air date, so season recordings set to record only NEW episodes actually work properly , on demand is more responsive How it works: The installation guy came out within a week, and the process took about 45 minutes.

Helpful Comment? Grand Teacher. Quote from Shanpooks: Quote from Devistater: Quote from grampadeal: Occasional SD'er. Quote from Filipp Quote from CLN: Slickdealer for Life. Quote from CrockettGTO: Is there a contract for this? Missouri Call center is where it's at. I was already on this promotion from last year. I called a few days before my contract expired. First call and a web chat weren't useful. U-Verse and new customer switching from Comcast. Lees Summit, MO 18mbps, no contract.

Stated I would switch to cable company, and didn't want an ETF. You're not happy with how much you are paying 3. You thinking about switching to a cheaper carrier. Super easy. Los Angeles, CA 18mbps 12 month contract. Miami, FL - 24mbps 12 month contract. Pushed for better deal Milpitas, CA.

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Milpitas, CA. Called East Coast listed below. Rep asked manager about promo came back with this offer. No additional credits. No tv or phone service. Had to get passed around 3 times. The second guy was a total D-Bag and wouldn't budge so I asked him to confirm my account was off contract and I could leave at any time. He said yes and sent me to someone else who gave me this deal. Saint Louis, MO. New customer. Best I could find after 3 attempts 2 chat, 1 phone was Existing Customer, Internet Only.

One year term. Existing Customer. Reached retentions and said I would switch to Time Warner due to lower rates. Declined two initial offers and mentioned I saw people getting half off on internet boards and would renew service for that arrangement. Took 1 try, but talked to 2 different people.

Gave email to redo this after 1 year. Santa Clara, CA. Transferred twice, but all in all took 20 minutes. I called cancellations, mentioned Comcast offer. No fight at all. Tracy, CA 18mbps 12 month contract. Less than a minute hold at The gal said that she normally does cancellations, but does sales as well and seemed happy to not have an angry caller Santa Clara, CA.

Total time on the call 17m 55s. Santa Clara, CA: I am an existing customer.. I called thursday1: Someone answered immediately. The whole call took around 15 minutes. Did it through online chat, got connected to retention center after I asked for the ph for cancellation. Modem will be replaced with a newer one, free of charge. Nov I called thursday morning at 8: Told them I would cancel and get Comcast if they did not give me a better deal.

The agent also offered a higher speed for the same price but this will require a change out of the equipment and an installation fee so I declined this option. Calling in Tips: You need a good verifiable story to give to the Uverse Internet cancellations rep so they can type it into the account as a record of why you wanted to cancel. The rep I talked to actually went to Comcast's website to check the prices I told him I could switch to.

He then put that Comcast price info into my account as my reason for wanting to cancel or get a promo. Before you call, get some prices from a competitor and have that ready to tell the ATT rep so they have a "cover their ass" story to enter in your account so they can offer you the promo.

Call and choose option 4 "cancel service" from the Uverse menu. These reps have more power than regular customer service reps. I simply called the , said cancel service, and told the rep I wasn't content with the speed and price I was paying. Tech Support Experiences Attempting to access uVerse's Customer Service and Tech Support via their number is one of the singularly most painful and annoying thing you will ever experience in your life.

Their phone tree system will take a simple question that you have, and have you so ticked off that you're seeing red by the time you finally are able to talk to a real human being. For instance, I started calling uVerse's tech support at 10pm on a Monday night a couple of weeks ago. Their phone tree system kept failing to to transfer the call to tech support, after spending almost 10 minutes per call drilling through their phone tree system just to get to the point of being transfered, at which point it tells you to try again and hangs up on you.

It took me continuously calling from 10 PM until a little after midnight before the system actually was able to transfer me to their tech support! If you can live with it, then welcome to uVerse. You'll need it. Dial-up before that. Calling during regular business hours is advised if you want to get someone in the USA you can talk to.

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Due to English not being their primary language, thick accents getting to a speedy resolution is hit or miss. If you get such a rep, or one that it is quite apparent they are reading off a script, hang up and try again. Bellsouth DSL service was great. In 1,2, maybe 3 truck rolls they'd fix problem. In conversations with me requesting they call it in them they said they were not allowed to call in a bucket truck, that I the customer would have to call CS. So lets get this straight you cannot forward info to proper department?

You're sitting right there, with info on computer screen which gives all the trouble shooting info, history, where the problem is and you can't contact proper department? Because of such nonsense it took repeated calls into tech support to request a bucket truck, result was regular trucks being sent several time more still. At around the 7,8, 9th truck roll they sent out the techs that do "Inside Wiring" Upon walking down back alley with "Inside techs" I saw the problem right away. Problem was a small TREE on right away had grown up and in it's quest to get sunlight pushed the cabling so much cable broke internally.

If you're' going to jumper a section, tie those wires to the aerial cabling properly. Additionally earmark that section for it to get replaced! About 3 weeks later a bucket truck came out and replaced the bad section of aerial cabling. This was very handy for sites that require you to wait between downloads! Also handy if your IP has been blocked by a site. With DSL if a attack was detected I'd power cycle modem and they get disconnected. I was told by multiple line techs, they are told to patch, patch, patch, apply patch on top of patch vs to do the job right.

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  • AT&T Uverse Internet 18 mbps, $28/month for a year -
  • AT&T Uverse Internet 18 mbps, $28/month for a year.
  • AT&T U-verse: $400 back for TV + Internet + Voice, $350 back for TV + Internet, $200 back for TV.
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Kick the can down the road comes to mind. I guess managers bonus are increased the cheaper they do the job. Most people won't get the "Uverse" they show on TV i. Related to above, older neighborhoods will probably never see VRAD anytime soon. Most of those installs are for new neighborhoods. If you still have a landline, and say you have static on the line do not cancel your landline service before getting Uverse. Something to do with FCC regulations are stricter and the line has to test at certain level , and internet service is a "Best Effort" type scenario.

Translation, they can get fined for noisy lines on a landline, if you have bad lines in your area they can't be fined Something like that. Or - literally - swear at it, because their system is tuned to give you a live person if you are using a lot of expletives in your call. You will be assigned an IP and resetting your device will not change your IP easily. They will change your IP if they suspect you are hosting something. But this is DSL. U-Verse is not DSL. Your upload bandwidth will make it a joke to host something. I have Uverse, if you plug in a new modem your IP will change.

You can buy a new "att" modem off ebay, but if you need to change all the time this can get expensive. Now they still will have the IP you are using linked to your account to give out to those that ask for it. If you really need to change your IP and not have it link to your name then your best option is probably a VPN service. Try sonic. Feel free to add, change or remove information shown here as it becomes available. This includes new coupons, rebates, ideas, thread summary, and similar items. Once a Thread Wiki is added to a thread, "Create Wiki" button will disappear.

If you would like to learn more about Thread Wiki feature, click here. Link to this Wiki. This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slickdeals users. Looks like I gotta stick with Comcast. Helpful Comment? You'll hit the usage cap in a day and a half if you were maxing the connection out. Quote from dcpoor: