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Threadless may cost more, but they have it together. These fly-by-night jackasses will be out of business in no time. How do these companies sell this low? Screenprinters have to do large volume, like one desing on tees at ones…and they have to sell those t-shirts fast to turn money around. They have more websites or stores… On some of them normal price range from I was wondering about the quality of the shirts: What about the tag, do they have one?

Moreover, is their customer service THAT bad? I think many company, many, over charge their prices and these guys are selling at real prices something nobody does, however. So, imagine how much over you pay for anything. I purchased some tees from them and Bigtimeteez and I was really surprised with the quality for that price. I recommend both sites! Just received my order from 6 Dollar Shirts. I purchased some tees from them and Bigtimeteez. Both sites were good tees for the price however Bigtimeteez.

The shirts are pretty thin, but the colors are quality and they're nice and soft.

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All the shirts came just as I'd ordered them and the sizing was consistent and worked just fine for me. Unfortunately, I can't vouch for the customer service — but that's because I had no need to call because my order was fine! I think their customer service has definitely improved since Charles commented 9 months ago. I emailed them yesterday about a question and got a response in a just a few hours.

As far as the shipping goes, it's kind of a ripoff if you only buy 1 or 2 tees, but the more you buy, the less the shipping is for each tee. Cheaper than any other site I've seen. Prior to purchasing i contacted them to make sure they could fulfill the order in time. They responded to my initial contact within 5 hours! Order was shipped within 1 business day via UPS. Arrived before their estimated arrival time. One had a problem with the colour and the other somehow I ordered in the wrong size my error.

For anyone who has had problems, I would say try them again. I would and have recommended them to everyone. I just picked up a few tees from poputees. Better than 6 dollar tees? I'm telling you people, stay away from 6dollarshirts! To the jackass who is advertising bigtimetees.

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I ordered six shirts from them and five never survived two washings. Site sucks balls, I ordered this stuff 2 weeks ago. Paid for 10 shirts on February 5th waited over two weeks without getting any info so I emailed 3 times over a week with no response….

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All I have to say is fivefingertees. When she realized, she contacted customer service to change it to another shirt and within 1 hour they had replied, chuckled and had her order fixed. Very professional and the shirts were very high quality. Not female friendly at all! WTF is up with that? I had to pay an additional. I pass on this site.

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I just wish i could find another with nice prices. This company pisses me of to no end. I have to agree with Stacey and say it is definitely an iron-on Honey Badger , and sloppy at that. When I got it, it looks like part of the badgers paw was scraped off. I tried to put it over my head, and was surprised how tiny the hole was, then was unable to pull the shirt over one shoulder!

I am a woman with 38C Boobs here. I wrote the company an email and they acted like everything was my fault, mentioning that the size chart was shown on every page. This is sexist as hell! There was NO offer to give me a different size or a refund on my money. Even though there are a lot of haters for six dollar tees on here; my review would be pretty good. Great early Christmas present. Funny, the charges went through on my credit card…. I tried emailing four different times, no response. I tried calling 6 dollar shirts, and the line just rings…. Because I am at the end of my rope with this shit company, I submitted a transaction dispute through PayPal.

Hopefully I get some resolution. I ordered six shirts from 6dollarshirts on Dec. I understand they make them fresh. I placed an order, got charged for it, but never received my order. The e-mail address they have in their contact information does not work, my e-mails get sent back. They do not answer the phone or return calls either. Do not order from this website, they are scammers! I ordered twice from these guys. The shipping is to damn high, like the rent. Both orders were shipped in a reasonable amount of time 2 days this last order The 1st two shirts have been washed many times, they show wear, but common people they are CHEAP Like 6.

I sent an email on my 1st order complaining about the high shipping and they refunded it to me. Any other internet company like Amazon will give you feedback and customer service but not these creeps…so take your chances! I ordered ten shirts on the first. Its now the twelveth and I still have not received a tracking number or a response from my two contact emails. My hope is dwindling. They have been the right size, good quality for the price, and I like the designs. I been ordering from 6 dollar shirts website for years now. The shirts are great quality. Just ordered them in July The shirts themselves are decent quality, but they do run a little on the small side.

The lighter color tshirts blue, yellow are a little thin, so ladies out there keep that in mind. All in all, great price, 17 dollars for shipping 10 shirts, total 67 dollars and it is a great deal. May the Schwartz be with you all!

The graphics are perfect and i had no problems with the sizes… i will definitely order more shirts from them in the future, i hope they dont go out of business. I ordered a few from 6dollarshirts. The shipping cost is ridiculous, even more so when you consider the time it takes 3 weeks from time of order for me. The shirt stock is rather cheap duh and thin, but the prints are ok. The shirts did not last more then a few months before they started falling apart at the seems. These are the kinda of shirts you buy when your going on a vacation and want some throwaway shirts.

Some of my favorite sites are teefury, shirtasaurus, and threadless for reference and comparison. I purchased the 10 for 50 bucks about a while back ago.

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It took them about 6 weeks to complete the order. It was only after I threatened to cancel the order that they did anything about my order. Once I got the shirts, 8 out of 10 of them had very poor screen printed images on them. I emailed them which you can once you place an order , and complained about it. I told them there was no way I was going to pay for another round of shipping on something that should have been right the first time.

There is absolutely no way in the world I would ever recommend this company to anyone. They are the definition of deplorable customer service. Lesson learned here was do not trust any company that does not willing provide a contact phone number or email address off the crack of the bat. Better to pay a few dollars more and get something that lasts.

I just ordered one shirt from 6dollarshirts. I called them and it was just a voice mail. The website… I ordered one shirt, to see if I large or XL would be my size. After placing my paypal order… I get a message saying that there was an error any I need to re-order my shirt… but of course they accepted payment… paypal dispute is currently open. I regularly buy from this company. The quality is just OK, but the value is incredible. I mean an XXL Tee of quality good enough to wear in public, shipped for 8 dollars?

I fail to see what people are so upset about it.

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I was a little hesitant to order because of what previous reviews said about taking 3 weeks to get their shirts and then having them be all the wrong sizes, but I actually had a great experience. I was able to chat with someone who ensured me that my order would get to me by a certain date. The shirts arrived within a week from when I ordered them I live on the west coast and had the correct quantity and color! I recently purchased a shirt off of 6dollarshirts. I never got a confirmation email saying my shirt was shipped when I was promised one rather quickly. I signed on to see it had shipped and was attached with a tracking number.

When I clicked to view the tracking information it said UPS could not track this package. I ordered my shirt almost two weeks ago. I still do not have my product. I do not recommend this site even though they are cheap and have some nice styles. The wait time is ridiculous for one shirt. I am very unhappy. Ok I bought a t-shirt off this site about weeks ago. I have not received it yet so I am never buying anything from here again.

And would suggest other customers to do the same.

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