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We stayed at five apple prior and were expecting something of the same, and it was not even close to what we were expecting. The Sierra Cancun, where we stayed was very dirty, had an unidentified "stain" on the couch and no air. We changed rooms three times to no avail and the next day we ended up getting jerked around by apple when we complained, however, with paying some extra money we went and stayed at Golden Crown Paradise Spa, which was wonderful.

We paid a good amount to get there though. I would never recommend the square deal. The travel agent was very surprised stating that she has had really good luck with it in the past, ours was a disaster. Hope you fare better.

We stayed at the Sierra too, and it was the best hotel we could have asked for in Cancun. The best food Ive ever had, nicest room, clean clean clean, ocean area was small, but that was good, because we knew ppl staying 2 hotels over, and when we went to their because it was sickingliy crowded.

That hotel is meant for free-spirited people, who know how to have a good time. They don't run around getting you to play games or group activities, its a place where you can not be bothered and go off and do your thing. I've stayed at some resorts like that Iberostar , Club Maeva and it drove me crazy. Advice to BahiaTraveler, you make your vacation a good one. No matter what hotel you get, its up to you wether its good or not. Don't worry about stuff like that, unless theres a hole in your room wall, or no water come out of the faucet, lol, bring that to hotel admin.

If you bring minor problems to their attetion, of course they won't care, they have a hotel to run, and faded blankets or a missing balcony chair are the least of their problems, if it really bothers you, keep telling them and they'll do it. I did the 5 square deal to Cozumel last year and did not like the experience.

Apple tends to overbook resorts and you may get bumped. We've done the Square Deal a couple of times. Both times stayed at great hotels. Since the first year we did it Bahia Apple has changed their Square Deals. You will not end up outside of Cancun.

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Since we changed from going to Punta Cana to this, I am still hoping that the square deal is a step upt to Punta Cana. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. Apple Vacations 5 Square Deal? Browse forums All Browse by destination. What are the most popular tours in Cancun?

See All Cancun Conversations. All hotels in Cancun Top questions about Cancun. What should I use? Bus, Taxi or Private Driver: I specifically remember the very nice gentleman that was on the phone from the day prior. I am sorry I do not remember his name and wished I had wrote it down as Apple needs more Reps like him. Both my husband and I walked off. I asked the front desk to call me a taxi. Both Apple Reps walked up to the front lobby and the nicer gentleman was still on the phone and advised my husband that they may have found another shuttle to take us.

I walked over to both Apple Reps and asked if I needed to cancel the taxi. While the nice Apple Rep was still on the phone, I told Giovanni that this is ridiculous that the times would get mixed up like this. Giovanni raised his voice and again told me he personally told me I denied our alleged prior encounter and I yelled back and asked if he was calling me a liar. Giovanni became hostile to say the least and caused a scene and started yelling at his co-worker to "get off the phone immediately and do NOT help these people". He kept yelling at his co worker to hang up the phone. My mother had to walk away with our three children because of Giovanni becoming very agitated and unprofessional.

I am his customer and for him to be that disrespectful to both my husband and I in front of a lobby full of vacationers is unheard of. The nice Apple Rep did confirm that there unfortunately was no shuttle available and that we would be responsible for the taxi. He did confirm that I could pay the taxi driver with a credit card and for me to contact Apple to seek reimbursement. The taxi drove us to the airport and when I handed him my credit card he told me he did not accept credit cards! I had to find another ATM on the other side of the airport.

Luckily we made our flight but not without a lot of stress and my kids getting all upset and overwhelmed thinking we were going to be stranded in Mexico. I contacted Apple and wrote them the same review as above and there was NO apology for Giovanni. Apple responded that they needed to see my receipt from the taxi driver Obtaining a receipt was the last thing on my mind when we were already late getting to the airport and me trying to find an ATM with US dollars.

Needless to say, I never heard back from Apple. Apple Vacations has lost our business after 15 years. I am not worried about the taxi reimbursement but to not even get an apology for being yelled and screamed at by one of their Representatives in front of little children is insane. Just try to call them first - it will take 40 minutes. After spending many hours to book my family vacation with an Apple representative over the phone.

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Carefully going over every detail to make sure everything I was paying for would happen, I was deeply let down by what I actually received. First, I paid for direct pick up service from the airport to the hotel. That did not happen, we were shuttle bused with many stops along the way. Very frustrating as we were the last to be dropped off not to mention the countless hours to arrive at our hotel. When we finally arrived at the hotel and entered into our room we were deeply dissatisfied. What I purchased and was told our room would be was nothing of the sort.

I was told there were two bathrooms and a multi level room. The actual room we had to stay in only had one bathroom and 2 beds pushed next to one another. When I was booking this vacation with a live Apple representative, I mentioned the countless complaints I had read on all the review sites. The Apple rep assured me that if there any issues to call them and they would take care of the problem. After sitting on the phone for 45 minutes an option finally came to leave my name, number and booking reference number. The message said, "We are busy helping others at this time, we will have someone call you.

Please leave your number. I am still waiting to hear from Apple. I also repeated this process the next day with the same response I will not book another vacation with Apple. I will recommend others to NOT even attempt to book their vacation with Apple. They truly are dishonest and a total waste of money. Our flight from BWI to Punta Cana was delayed 4 hrs because they said they needed the plane elsewhere.

I have video of the pilot loading the baggage into the plane to speed things up. Return flight was delayed 7 hrs. Stuck in hot lobby of resort for 5 hrs.

Seating on plane is so cramped you can't even fit a small bag at your feet. Never ever book an Apple Vacation which uses Swift Air. Paid for upgrades, did not get. Water leaks everywhere, balcony, skylights, light fixtures, ceilings, 4" of water in room. Contacted Apple, no response. Although insurance was purchased for our trip, AV did not compensate us for delayed flights and sleeping on a floor at the Atlanta airport.

Will never use this company again, and will advise my friends and family to book their vacations through another company. They blame TripMate for not reimbursing us. How convenient to wash their hands off the problem by blaming someone else! They are so nice to you when you give them your money. When the time comes to be responsible and reimburse people for delays and such - all of a sudden there is no way to do so and the only answer you get is "the decision was made".

There was a delay which was not communicated very well while we were at the airport; we heard several different excuses; from they had to find another plane to they had to get a new crew to they had to get the current crew rested. The delay was from the very start and they stated we would not be leaving until 8: When we finally arrived in Punta Cana at 3: We were on the correct bus and were told to get on the bus by an Apple representative; I believe it was bus We waited on the bus for nearly 2 hours to get to the resort due to the fact that we were waiting for 1 more couple to arrive.

The bus had at least 30 people on it who were VERY eager to get to their destination. The bus driver was very friendly and kept trying to get the woman to let us leave and get to the resort since we were only waiting for 2 people who may or may not show up. We had asked our representative before we finalized booking if we should take an upgraded form of transportation since we had upgraded everything else and she reassured us that Secrets was the first stop and we did not need to upgrade.

Secrets was the first stop but by the time we arrived at the resort it was 6: We should have been to the resort by 2: We missed an entire day of our vacation which is extremely disappointing. I cannot get over how rude the Apple Representative was that would not let us leave; if this situation occurs they should have let us leave and found another form of transportation for the other couple.

Extremely frustrating after traveling since 5 am. When we arrived to the resort we were taken to our room. There also was not much view of the beach since there were tall shrubs everywhere. We were also told that there would be a Jacuzzi but this was not like the ones in the preferred area. This was actually a Jacuzzi bathtub on the balcony. On the first night we went to the Mexican restaurant; the food on a scale of 5 being the best I would rate it at a 2.

I ordered a chicken quesadilla and it looked as though they put a soft tortilla shell in the microwave with some cheese and called it a quesadilla. We tried to order some tequila shots which took 20 mins to get to us and were in wine glasses which was very strange. We walked down to the beach our first night and were disappointed to see and smell all of the seaweed that covered the beach and made it hard to even get to the water without stepping in it.

Although it was later in the evening we were bombarded by the panhandler which was very aggravating. Since we were not happy with the room we asked to move rooms which they did accommodate and moved our room to room the following day at 5: We had to check in with the preferred lounge several times throughout the day to see if our room was ready. When we got to our new room our butler Martin showed us into the room and there was water all over the floor as if someone with wet bathing suit had just walked through and the TV was on which was very strange.

After Martin left us in our new room we noticed the air conditioning was making an awful noise from the fan blade being loose; when the janitor came up to mop up the water on the floor there we asked him to call maintenance to get the AC fixed. We waited in our room for maintenance to come up to fix the AC which a couple hours later was fixed. The next day we noticed the refrigerator was not cold at all; we called the preferred lounge to send someone up to fix it.

It was not until the next day that it was fixed. She took us to the main lobby to meet with our Apple Rep Katie. We got set up for the cigar tour for the following day at 9: On the 2nd day at 3: Before dinner I called and asked them to come up and take the plates since they had been sitting in our room for several hours. We got back from dinner at 8: I set the plates outside of our room on the floor to get them out of site.

The cleaning lady came after 9 pm and knocked on the door to turn down the room but we were already in bed and asked her not to come in. When we walked of our room the following day at 7: Pretty gross since they had been sitting there since 5: Breakfast Buffett on the beach — 3. Oceana- 3 lobster was very tough. Himitsu- Hibatchi dinner -4 2nd best dinner we had. In the preferred lounge we ordered Don Julio and they ran out- they also ran out of Grey Goose Vodka- when paying for preferred having to walk inside from the pool to the preferred lounge to get top shelf liquor is very inconvenient but we did it numerous times- would have thought the bartender would have offered to have the top shelf taken outside so we did not have to walk in every time.

When they ran out of Don Julio the bartender said they were out but getting more and to come back in a couple minutes. They did not have it restocked for 4 hours. We saw a couple shows but were not very impressed. We were told the panhandlers cannot come up to the 2nd row of chairs in the preferred area- the most certainly did- they would not leave you alone the entire day.

As we were packing up to leave there was HUGE cockroach right were our suitcases were sitting on the floor- it was at least 3 inches long on its back and still alive. Picked up late from the resort- were supposed to depart at 8: Plane was supposed to board at Seats on the plane did not match the tickets which was making passengers freak out.

We were in Row 1 in first class. The flight attendants were worse than on the way there- shortly after takeoff they heated up some fried chicken which smelled and proceeded to eat it and lick their fingers- I watched the entire thing from my seat. Our overhead bin was full due to the fact that the flight attendants had their bags there which they took out midflight and were searching for something.

Very unprofessional — one of them had a HUGE hole and run in her tights she also had what looked like dreadlocks and long dirty looking hair. Not attentive at all- had to ask 2 hrs into the flight for a drink and for them to take my snack box trash which had been sitting there for over an hour. The security guard even asked them to step to the back of the line but they did not care and threw their bags on to the belt and proceeded- it was very rude and unprofessional.

My bag was literally going through the belt and the entire crew stepped in front of me and proceeded on. I could have screamed. I was so frustrated at that point! We will not be returning to Punta Cana. The Apple Vacations rep asked us to come two days in a row to schedule departure. The departure bus was scheduled to take us to the airport five! That Apple rep told us that it takes three hours to get to the airport because of the construction. He got attitude as soon as we informed him that we came to schedule departure as he requested and we are not interested in buying any tours.

His demeanor, way of talking was extremely rude. At the departure time, there was no bus and we were told that we were late the bus had left without us. Though we were on time and but the way there was not a single representative to ask for assistance. They all came around 8: When I asked the guy, how come he scheduled the pick up and did not make sure that the bus would be there, he stated that we were late!!!

As I told him that was not true and we were on time and he was the one to schedule us so early without any reason and that he himself did not take an effort to come to work to make sure his customers are picked up, he started yelling at me. He would talk over me and yelled into my face that this is not US, that we are in Mexico. As I asked for his name, he took his badge and put it almost into my face, saying: That was the most aggressive, offensive behavior I ever was subjected too. The young man has a attitude issue, not a single skill of dealing with customers, and no desire ever to try to learn.

We are planning to contact the whoever is in charge of Apple Vacations and report the name of the person. He should not be working in customer service. We will tell everybody not to use this company because anybody could be on my place and get treated like that.

It has been a problem since the beginning. She was nice through emails. Replied with her supervisors in CC but had a terrible habit of not calling back or emailing back until days later.

The flight costed more than our whole Caribbean trip. Then we asked about switching days which proceeded to be another issue. I hate this company. I am paying more on this trip than when we book through Groupon, Booking. I will never book with this company again. Traveling with Swift Air, called several times and left several messages to pre-pay for baggage. No one ever called me back. Customer service is awful.

I have been working with an "agent" and cannot get a hold of her and have to constantly follow up with her. I gave her my credit card information for the deposit which was a week ago and still has not been taken out. Sent her a follow up a few days ago and sent another one today. Since this is her job not sure why I have to follow up with her for the past three weeks to just book a vacation. I like Apple Vacations but, after this terrible customer service I will probably never use them again.

I can't decide if I'm more disappointed with the experience itself, or how terrible trying to work with my agent and Apple Vacations has been Terrible customer service and neglect. I wouldn't travel with this company if they gave it away. I asked for an upgraded room, paid for it and didn't get it.

I asked for upscale restaurants, liquor and safety. NONE of these were experienced.

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I followed my agent's who has not called or tried to assist either instructions to email my complaint. What a slap in the face. I have asked several times for a phone call. I have been traveling and vacationing for 40 years and this is the first time I have placed a complaint On November 24 at I told him we were not happy about this and he would have to look further into other alternatives. We purchased a Adult Inclusive Vacation Package.

This doesn't come up as an adult inclusive under the tab of your website and we don't want to have to share the resort amenities with families that have children. There are also 6 buildings that face the NOW Larimar side. The latest reviews also state people are getting very sick during their stays.

There were no managers available at the time to waive the fee or do a complimentary swap as one of the reps told us. We couldn't decline going because the cancellation fees were the cost of the trip. We were told to talk to management upon arrival tomorrow and everything would be worked out then.

On November 25 at Secrets Royal Beach did not want to return the initial payment nor work with Secrets Cap Cana to make this complimentary swap happen. They just wanted to keep the money and get more. Secrets Royal Beach did offer to give us Preferred status only. This allows you to enjoy a couple special areas and restaurant for breakfast or lunch. Plus give you candy and chips in your room. They gave us a pool view room but not the Preferred room you would normally get. We told all parties we weren't happy about this and we were filing a complaint because we didn't pay for a vacation to be around children all the time!

Room was spacious but boring. The deck has only 2 little chairs and a nice hot tub but no privacy shade to enjoy it. The bathroom needs help because there is mold in the shower area and tiles are in need of repair. The wood is worn from the weather. When opening the refrigerator door your waters on the door will continually tumble out onto the floor. Remember to shake your clothes when packing so the cockroaches don't follow you home.

Punta Cana - All-Inclusive

We told management and they said, "They exterminate but this is a tropical climate so we're used to it. Butler was nowhere to be found when needed after check in is done. One day he said there was a special table for us set up for dinner at Portofino, the manager told us he never even called. Our fruit and champagne were delivered at the wrong time, twice for our turndown service only to have to go find the ice machine to keep it chilled.

The fruit had to be tossed because it was warm already. Housekeeping and Room Bar Service were terrible.

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They can't do the simplest job by replacing what has been used! Everyday we had to go talk to someone because they didn't do the job they were paid to do. If you use shampoo, sunblock or wash clothes it is easy to replace it. If you drink 2 waters or 2 sodas replace them. If you eat the candy and chips replace them. Service is terrible and slow. Workers have no motivation and lack work ethic. They forget about you when they have to many guests to take care of.

Food is not delivered hot nor kept hot. Can only get different salad dressings at buffet. Restaurants only offer vinaigrette or balsamic. Seaside - Had several meals here. Steaks were ordered well no pink to only come to us blood raw in the center. When sent back they came back charred black and not able to eat at all. Management will say they are sorry is the typical answer. Pastry basket in the morning is not fresh at all.

Himitsu - 1 out of 3 times we did this fish was offered as an option. Otherwise you will only get chicken, beef and shrimp. Portions are very small. Portofino - Pizza and Pasta is good when hot. Not kept at good temp though. Oceana - Steaks were ordered well no pink to only come back raw in the center. Sent back and was ok upon return. Creme Brulee tasted like the lighter fluid used keep flame going while bought to the table. Lobster Bisque there is a tiny piece of lobster the size of your thumbnail. There is no lobster. Buffet - Food is cold not hot like it should be kept.

It is not kept up and sloppy messes everywhere. The best solution is to have the chef prepare something for you. Look for Alejandro he will keep your drinks filled. Awful, boring and terrible rolled into one. The shows aren't good. The singers use iPod but still miss the words and sing off key. Very disorganized when rains to set up in the lobby to continue the show.