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WOW and i thought the Shimano Torium 30 brand new in the box i picked up for Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can't eat it or hump it. Piss on it and walk away. He said it needed a transmission.

How to Sell Stuff on Craigslist Successfully – 5 Craigslist Selling Tips

So I hooked up my trailer and picked up my buddy. When I got there, I asked him if I could drive it. I checked the fluids and engine compartemt and proceeded to test drive it. I drove maybe 40 feet and the back rear tire locks up.

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I knew it was either a bearing or brake problem. Keep in mind this is a front wheel drive car. So I drove back to him and offered him for it and he took it. I trailered it home, removed the drum and found out that one of the brake shoes fell off and was hanging up in the drum.

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I put 17 dollar pads on it in about 20 minutes. I put it out for sale and sold it for bucks all with in 48hours. I recently bought a kia sportage with a broken timming belt. The lady had it at a mechanic and he told her it was going to be at least to fix it so she decided to sell it for I knew it was an interference motor so I took my chance.

I offered her and she took it.

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I put a 18 dollar belt in it cleaned it and sold it for all within a couple weeks. There are endless deals around. I love stupid people. My wife is the Queen of Craigslist The ad attracted attention from media outlets, but the Elf, possibly in pain from sitting on the mantel for too long, did not respond.

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The ad offers little in the way of explanation, but we hope the seller at least got what he or she put into the seat and by that we mean the cash. A rideable foot T-Rex skeleton that can cruise along at up to 15 mph.


Please don't call just for joy rides. Could never get paid enough for all the hard work and time it took," the seller wrote.

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This homemade creation even had a working lever and turned red inside. I'm moving and need to get it off my hands. Not sure what to do with a pumpkin shaped like a posterior? The cheeky gourd was offered for free. The mostly cardboard and foil costume "won't win the costume contest," the maker admitted. Well, they might, but it's more likely they'll say things like, 'What are you?

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What made you think of that? I spend way too much time building nonsense, and you are being rewarded. When backyard chickens or ducks decide life is nicer indoors, there are diapers in custom colors, patterns, and sizes to keep them from fouling -- or fowling -- the home. Apparently the diapers can also double as dresses for the fashion-loving chicken.

Built on a Fiat chassis, the "car is all custom," and though it looks like it hasn't "rotted" quite yet, one of the headlights has seen better days. A stone sofa -- but hey, it's weatherproof, the ad pointed out. Because it cleans itself Seneca, a former gold-mining outpost, is more than a remote corner of California.