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Got a yen to add color and pattern to your walls? You've probably considered wallpaper—but maybe thought twice given the hassle and high cost that go hand in hand with fancy coverings. Happily, stenciling is a simple way to approximate the look. From traditional florals to modern geometrics, the options are as varied as wallpaper patterns but totally customizable because you pick the paint colors. For best results, use painter's tape to hold the stencil in place, and start by completing one row from ceiling to floor.

Paint with a small, dense foam roller, first rolling off excess on paper towels to prevent bleeding.

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Bend the stencil and use a small stencil brush to get into tight spaces. Partly overlap the already-painted pattern for the next row to ensure that it's perfectly aligned. To give his dining room dimension, decorative painter and Cutting Edge Stencils cofounder Greg Swisher troweled on slightly iridescent LusterStone, a Venetian-plaster—like coating, above the wainscoting, then stenciled on a stylized design in Benjamin Moore's Cedar Path.

Reverse the scheme with a darker wall color and a shimmery hue for the design. TOH readers get 15 percent off! Use the code TOH15 at checkout.

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Seriously though, projects with glitter HTV are stunning! Like I said above, I love to buy multi packs. You can still use it by cutting it down, but I prefer to get it cut to the right size already. This Heat Press has great ratings and is used by many Silhouette Crafters! I like to keep a roll in my craft room because inevitably I can never find the one that came in the box when I am ready to do the project.

For some great tips on Heat Transfer for Beginners make sure to check out my post! This might be the one that impresses people the most. When you etch glass with the Silhouette you make a stencil, apply cream that has a chemical reaction to the glass and produces the etched look on the exposed part of the glass. You can get everything you need in one stop in the glass etching starter kit. You can see a step by step and my most popular glass etching project here!

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Contact paper tends to be quite a bit less expensive than the quality vinyl that I buy so it makes each project a little less expensive. All of them work, but I have had great results from the Silhouette brand and the Martha Stewart brand personally.

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Transfer Paper- Like with any vinyl project you will go through a good bit of transfer paper when you do glass etching projects. Make sure you stock up and always have some on hand, but in a pinch, you can also use more of your contact paper! If you like to sew or work with fabric this is definitely a must do with your machine. The only special thing you need to start cutting is a fabric blade.

Although there is no official fabric cutting starter kit there is a fabric cutting bundle with most of the materials you need on Amazon. You can get the Silhouette brand , or Heat and Bond works just fine too! Just follow the directions on the package of the product you get to apply it to the fabric, then cut with the machine and iron on to your item. Many crafters love to use ink or fabric paint to custom paint t-shirts, pillows, bags, backpacks, shoes, or anything you can imagine!

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This will get you started with everything you need to start making those projects. You can use freezer paper to create a design to paint on to most anything fabric and even other media like wood. It is a simple and reliable way to customize things! This is something super fun and a totally creative way to use your machine. This version of the software has a feature that allows you to convert a regular design to rhinestone template. It is cute, trendy, has three awesome deep buckets, and it is on wheels.

The Basics- What Every Silhouette Crafter Should Have in Their Toolbox!

What more could a girl want?! The Silhouette CAMEO fits perfectly between these shelves when they are stacked and provide a beautifully organized desktop. You can mount it to the wall and then slide your rolls of vinyl right through the holes in the sides. It looks cute and keeps the vinyl out right where you can see it and decide what you have and what you need! Scrapbook sized storage bins — I have about 5 of these in my craft closet. These are definitely one of my organization must haves! If you travel to see relatives of friends or even just drive a few miles to craft with friends, this keeps your machine safe and your hands more free to carry all the other crafting stuff you need.

An oh my goodness is it awesome! Perfect for a craft room or just a room your crafts might be taking over guilty! A scroll saw lets you cut designs in any shape and can take your projects to the next level. This Ryobi scroll saw not only has excellent reviews, it is coveted by crafters everywhere! Having a machine that can embroider takes the fabric crafts not just to a new level but to a whole new world! This is a nice entry level machine that can let you dip your toes in the water. Setting aside a dedicated space can give you a haven and allow you to keep the projects mostly contained to one area.

I love the compartments and features of that this craft table offers as well as the fact that it is counter height so you can sit or stand comfortably. Doing things like embossing and stipling, then the Curio is something you need to add to your toolbox! For nothing is this more true than craft paint. You never know what color you will need for a spur of the moment project so getting a good variety is definitely a must. Grab an inexpensive package of spouncers so you have the right tool to stencil when the need arises.

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I love to have a roll around and this is the brand I use for pretty much everything! Again just have a variety so you have whatever you need when the time comes. The Soda Pop Shop: Landee See Landee Do Blog: I love your sponsors, some I am familiar with but there are a couple I am not. Your email address will not be published.

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Cutting Edge Stencils is a growing business that designs, creates, and sells decorative stencils. Our reusable stencils are so easy to use and amazingly cost effective! Stencils are a hot decorating trend right now and are quickly gaining more and more popularity as DIY decorators discover the simplicity and versatility of stenciling.