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Get their conversations going by practicing their social skills, writing, and vocabulary. Start by downloading our super fun activity page below and be sure to sign up for coupons and all kinds of great offers in the future. Enter your ZIP Code: Select a Distance: Also, I have another hub about how to start a coupon group in your town.

Once you teach a few coupon classes, get a group together and exchange coupons so everyone will have coupons for items they actually use. Economically, our town needs to learn couponing. Food share struggles to meet rising numbers of families who are needing assistance. Elderly are having to make the choice between their RXs or food. Young teen Mothers have no idea how to budget their money or buy healthy food instead of instant foods. I am overwhelmed, and have tried to get up interest, however everyone looks at me like..

Hey its your idea Im 65 years old and still learning how to coupon I need help or a plan any ideas. Yes, it is possible to find those people who want to learn. I think if you went out of your current group of friends and acquaintances, and promoted it to the general public, through a church or social service agency who would help you bring in participants. Good luck! I've been couponing for 25 years. Also been talking it to people who claim they do not have time, for the same amount of time. I've always turned down the thought of teaching a class, because of those who say can't, no time, too busy, kids.

But you have proved there are more of us out there, where we use to be in the beginning. Love this article! I found it was best to go start with the Adult Education programs i9n towns surrounding mine. I have taught in 3 different towns. Once you get that up and going, it's easier to set rates and offer classes at social service agencies, women's groups, etc. Yes, it usually is. Most people have no real clue about how to really use coupons to the true extent.

One or 2 coupons clipped and turned in each week just isn't enough to make a real dent in a grocery bill. And while it's true that every little bit helps, why just save a little when with the right tools, you can save a LOT?!

Thanks for commenting. I love the idea of teaching a coupon class for profit. Very solid idea and would be so useful for the people who attended.

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  • This helped me so much! I fondly remember the days of helping my mom clip coupons and saving those green stamps! The class ends up being so much fun. Mine take 90 minutes - 2 hours by the time people ask questions and although I am tired when done, it gives me a coupon high just having remembered and talked about all the deals I have gotten, and sharing the info. If you aren't ready to give a class yet, try it out on a group of friends. They won't care if your presentation isn't perfect and will enjoy the info.

    I hadn't thought about teaching a class on couponing. Yours sounds like a fun class to go to. Great idea about giving some things away to get them excited about the prospect. Yes, coupons can be addicting and it's a great way for teens to learn budgeting skills. If you don't know about the website Couponmom. It not only lets you check on grocery stores but dept.

    It's a great site. I never shop until I get a chance to check this site out in advance now. I just discovered the joys of cuponing. Since my husband is now disabled.

    I am learning, but it so fun and I take my teenagers with me to help out. They are learning so much too, even my son. I am hooked. This is a great Idea. Well, you can just start with a couple of friends or family members to practice and see how it goes. If you love coupons, and save lots of money, the excitement of sharing that will rub off on those you teach and you'll forget that you're actually teaching!

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    I bring with me: Here's how my class is set up: Buy at least one Sunday paper each week or the paper for whatever day the coupons come out. Cut and file all coupons from each Sunday in a coupon container. Have a large variety of sections in your coupon holder so you can find things quickly. Read all store fliers for the stores you will be able to go to. Make a base list of all the products you normally buy in each store, and what the regular price is so you'll know if the "sale" they are advertising is worth it. Circle all the items in each flyer that you think is a good deal, or that you have a coupon for.

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    Shop as many stores as possible. Try to shop when the stores are less busy so you won't hold up lines with a lot of coupons and things that can go wrong. Always bring your coupons with you to the store.

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    Write a list for each store. Compare the sales to your coupons. Beware of store displays on end caps of the aisles that make you think items are on sale when they really aren't. Pull coupons for each store and put them with your list in an envelope for that store. Stock up to save.

    Be willing to try many different brands so you can take advantage of every product on sale.


    Build extra shelves, use a spare room, closet, garage, etc. Items go on sale in a cycle about every six weeks. Share coupons with friends, neighbors, church friends, and ask them to save theirs for you. Go online to get coupons. Get the latest apps like ibotta to save even more.

    Make sure you have a store card for every store you go to. Know the store policy for each store you shop at so you're not embarrassed if you get to the cash register and they tell you that you're breaking the rules. Become friendly with cashiers and store managers so if there is a store policy problem at some point, they will trust that you weren't trying to take advantage of the store, system or cashier.

    Don't get greedy and clear the shelves or argue with cashiers because it ruins coupons for everyone else. If you can get items free or for pennies, get them and donate to charity. This is a great example to set for your children. Keep track of how much money you save each week, and then total it up at the end of the year so you can see how your hard work paid off. The Game, Part 2 This is the fun part. Teaching a coupon class, whether it's for fun or profit can be fun and rewarding. Buy Now. This is basically the same box I use and it's perfect as a coupon holder if you are serious about saving money!

    Here's a Youtube video of a woman teaching a coupon class and starting out with a game, like I also suggest. She is not very organized though and I would advise. Yes, I have, and do it on a regular basis in my community.. Yes, I have once or twice. No, but I have thought about it.

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    See results. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. Career Changes. Vickie, I don't buy inserts because if people keep doing that, the manufacturers will stop giving them to consumers. Starrsha It depends on where I am teaching the class. Hi Barbara! Hi Homesteading!

    Teach a Coupon Class for Fun and Profit

    Hi LCorrea, I found it was best to go start with the Adult Education programs i9n towns surrounding mine. How do you go about getting funding to teach couponing in your area? Scarlette, I am not sure I can venture into those 2 as an expert. What a great topic to write a hub on: Lots of great tips here.

    Teach a Coupon Class for Fun and Profit

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