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I tried Discount Magazines. I bought a gift subscription for my son. He reports getting all the magazines as scheduled. I am not familiar with Magazine line though. My wife started getting two magazines.

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Out of nowhere came tons of others. WOW these type of scams is the reason middle class Americans have retarded debt problems. I work for Magazineline.

I think it, along with rogue agencies, have seriously damaged our industry. Also, one of your previous commenters mentioned that Magazines. I respectfully doubt that. We work with publishers individually and I suspect Magazines. Working through a clearinghouse which smaller companies do significantly slows down subscription the start time for our customers and it prevents us from negotiating the best possible price. I now have an expensive mess on my hands due to discountmags. Karen… You can go into your paypal account and turn off authorized automatic billing renewals by account.

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I do that every 6 months or so. I turn them all off. It stops that nonsense. Early renewal is pretty standard in the magazine industry.

I keep an Excel spreadsheet of how much and when I paid each magazine. They will bill you at ridiculous prices. DiscountMags is just following the crowd. If you were to keep on top of the renewal? They seem to have good reviews online.. Best Time to Buy Guide. Credit Card Adviser Comparison Tool. Best Cars for Every Life Stage. The Data Breach Next Door. Get More From Your Pharmacy. Improved search - front and center Easy access to popular products At-a-glance product info, safety, advocacy and more We're just getting started Let's see the BETA!

Working for and with You. Government Mandates Seat Belts. Exposing the Dangers of Pesticides. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Created. Bisphenol-A Banned in Baby Products. A Win on Backup Cameras. Health Insurance Mega-Mergers Blocked. Make a Donation Newsletters Give a Gift. Privacy Policy Updated Sept. Most people would proffer some admiring blandishment about architectural style — but not Wilmers. And looking at them, it's hard not to concede that they are, indeed, a bit flabby.

The opposing London vistas, and Wilmers' reaction to them, seem to sum up her approach to editing what is now deemed to be the most successful literary publication in Europe. At 75, Wilmers retains both an insatiable curiosity about people the nurses and a healthy disregard for received opinion the church. Both qualities course through the pages of the London Review of Books which, under her year editorship, has become a highly regarded publication with an influence that extends far beyond the rarefied world of small-circulation literary magazines.

Founded in , after the Times Literary Supplement was closed by a year-long industrial dispute, the LRB has a circulation of 64, by comparison, according to Audit Bureau of Circulations figures, the Spectator has a circulation of 62, and the New Statesman of 28, The website attracts , visitors a month and there are a further 2, Kindle subscribers.

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At a time when most print publications are losing readers, the LRB 's circulation is going up. Partly, this is to do with the commissions. Alongside the usual run of densely typed book reviews, arts criticism, authors' diaries and classified advertisements offering writers' retreats in the Peloponnese, Wilmers has made a feature of the long-form essay.

The essay, usually penned by a leading author and often running to well over 10, words, with barely a concession to the fanciful modern desire for accompanying photographs or illustration, has become the LRB 's forte. These are the pieces that consistently challenge orthodoxy and take delight in a well-constructed argument; that dare to say things the rest of us might be thinking or that simply reveal something interesting or curious.

One of her recent favourites, says Wilmers, was a piece on "the language of bribery". At its best, the LRB long-form essay is clever, mischievous, fascinating and fluent. At its worst, it might go on a bit. She is sitting in a small corner room on a sofa upholstered in countrified pale-green and red stripes.

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For unexplained reasons, there is an abandoned iron and an Anglepoise lamp on the floor that Wilmers had to step over, somewhat shakily in ballet pumps, to get to her seat. She is a small woman with a striking face and shrewd eyes. Her physical appearance is elegant but economical, crafted with the same precision as a judiciously edited sentence. Does she think, in a modern, media-driven world where opinions are increasingly reduced to soundbites of characters or fewer, that there is a thirst for longer-form writing?

There was a recent public spat concerning the lack of female reviewers in its pages , but much of the interest has been generated by the introduction of a Winter Lecture series — speeches delivered by writers in person on a particular topic and then printed at full-length as an essay in the magazine. Hilary Mantel did one in February , in which she called the Duchess of Cambridge "a shop-window mannequin". The Daily Mail promptly featured the "attack" on its front page and David Cameron was moved to comment that Mantel was "completely misguided and completely wrong".

When James Meek analysed the housing market in the pages of the LRB in January "A housing shortage that has been building up for the past 30 years is reaching the point of crisis" , it triggered a national debate. The current issue carries an extraordinary 26,word piece by Andrew O'Hagan on his failed attempt to ghost the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's memoir , which was trending on Twitter before copies even hit the news-stands.

The next issue features classicist Mary Beard's lecture on "the public voice of women", which has already caused a splash following her assertion that women who speak up in the public sphere are "treated as freakish androgynes". Does she enjoy the controversies generated by the magazine? Her lips twitch into an almost-smile.

Her eyes, below the silver fringe of her bobbed hair, crinkle at the corners. She says she "never, ever would have predicted" the fall-out generated by the Hilary Mantel piece.

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She was feeling sorry for her [the Duchess of Cambridge] more than anything. What about the piece written in by Booker-prize winner Anne Enright concerning the parents of Madeleine McCann "I was angry at their failure to accept that their daughter was probably dead. It just caught on and it obviously touched a nerve because there were people who presumably did think that.

This is, in many respects, a key part of the LRB 's ethos: The writer Marina Warner, who is one of the magazine's contributing editors, compares the LRB 's pages to "a lively discussion among engaged people… I like its range — and its boldness in allowing different views and strong opinions, and the length of the pieces allows for developing arguments and laying out evidence. Wilmers sees the LRB as an antidote to the sameness of opinion in the rest of the media.

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  6. Twitter, with its emphasis on instant reaction and opinion-forming cliques is, she thinks, part of the problem. It would be quite nice if there was slightly less outrage about the same things all the time. Is Wilmers on Twitter? I've only ever been on once, when Jenny Diski asked me to do something. Her Twitter avatar, rather confusingly, is the image of a fresh-faced young woman.

    No further explanation is forthcoming and I suddenly feel rather foolish for asking. For all its success, the London Review of Books struggles to make money. It owes its continued existence to the generosity of Wilmers herself, who regularly siphons in cash from a family trust fund.

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