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Provides prescription-strength wetness protection. Contains skin-conditioning ingredients to help minimize irritation.

Is Gillette Clinical Strength for everyone? Gillette Clinical Strength is designed for heavy sweaters, but can provide confidence and prescription-strength protection to anyone who experiences or worries about excessive underarm perspiration.

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Is Gillette Clinical Strength doctor-recommended? More than percent of doctors surveyed say they endorse the use of Gillette Clinical Strength to control excessive underarm perspiration and the problems associated with it. Should I use Gillette Clinical Strength differently? Gillette Clinical Strength can be effective when used as you use traditional anti-perspirants, but for optimal results, follow these instructions carefully: Apply Gillette Clinical Strength at bedtime to minimize excess nighttime perspiration.

An additional morning application is not necessary; you will be protected throughout the day, even if you bathe or shower after application.

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If you neglect to apply it at night, morning application will still provide strong protection. Gillette Clinical Strength should be applied according to your personal needs. A light layer is recommended, and three clicks per arm is the average. But because Gillette Clinical Strength is so gentle on your skin, you may apply as much as you feel is necessary. Most men find the nighttime application sufficient to control excessive wetness for the following day. However, if you feel more protection is needed, a morning reapplication of Gillette Clinical Strength, or the use of another anti-perspirant, is acceptable.

How is Gillette Clinical Strength better than a prescription underarm product? Many prescription strength anti-perspirants contain the active ingredient aluminum chloride. Aluminum chloride is more acidic than the active ingredient in Gillette Clinical Strength.

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Research has shown that anti-perspirants which contain aluminum chloride can be irritating to the underarm skin. In fact, the skin irritation is often so severe that discontinued use is required. Gillette Clinical Strength does not contain aluminum chloride. In fact, its patented formula contains powerful Triple Protection Technology with skin conditioning ingredients that will help minimize irritation.

How does Gillette Clinical Strength provide percent better wetness protection than a prescription product 6. Gillette Clinical Strength was tested in two day clinical studies against a current marketed prescription anti-perspirant. Subjects had product applied to their underarms everyday for nine days. Overall, the clinical studies resulted in Gillette Clinical Strength providing percent better wetness protection than a prescription product. Why do we perspire? Sweating is your bodys way of releasing excess heat and cooling itself.

Sweating is natural under any condition, but sweating can be intensified by any number of elements, including warm weather, exercise and stress.

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Bedtime application gives you effective protection the following day. How much perspiration is too much? Excessive sweating is not fully understood and can be related to any number of medical or physiological conditions, including hyperhidrosis. I hope this site helps you stock your cart without breaking your budget. Remember, Publix is a fantastic place to shop! They have fantastic customer service and even better deals. With just a little bit of effort I think you will find that you can save BIG!

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