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Beautiful Kate Theatrical film poster. Bryan Brown Leah Churchill-Brown. Tex Perkins Murray Paterson.

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You need to log in to add this game to your faves. Something went wrong, please try again later. Later, with Tom's help, Kate is able to be alone with her mother Beth Broderick and apologize. Far from appeased, however, her mother begins to scream for help. Kate flees, knocking out a policeman before running into Tom, who gives her the keys to his car and climbs into it.

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When the police try to block their exit from the hospital, Kate implores Tom to leave, but he refuses. As the police open fire at the speeding vehicle, Kate rams theirs out of the way before crashing into another. With the car brought finally to a halt, Kate looks over at Tom and finds him dead.

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  • 7 Cars Driven By Prince William And Kate Middleton.
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Distraught and left with no choice but to flee, Kate climbs out of the car and runs. Charlie Pace Dominic Monaghan and Kate discuss the fame that awaits them if and when they are rescued, and this disturbs Kate. A survivor named Dr. Leslie Arzt Daniel Roebuck , a science teacher, suddenly announces that the monsoon season is coming, where the winds go south, and that they have to go north to reach shipping lanes. He also exclaims that the raft must leave immediately so the forces of nature won't turn against them.

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This hits everyone hard. Michael refuses, reiterating the fact that all places have already been booked. After a conversation with Sawyer Josh Holloway , however, he reconsiders, reasoning in spite of their deal that Sawyer has little grasp on the art of sailing and will be of little assistance once the voyage is underway.

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Sawyer storms off to confront Kate, whom he rightly perceives as his biggest threat, telling her that he knows why she wants to be on the raft: Surprised at what he finds there, Jack asks Locke why he failed to tell anyone about it. There follows a brief confrontation between the two leaders, after which Jack states his belief that the hatch ought to be opened.

This prompts a furiously nervous response from Sayid, who fears its content, and who actually brought Jack along to dissuade Locke from the idea, but the matter is left unsettled. Michael suddenly becomes ill while working with Jin Daniel Dae Kim. Having returned from the hatch, and summoned by an urgent Kate, Jack examines him and searches for the cause of the illness.