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If you do get what your doctor wants for you then UHC will not pay for it and the bill goes to collection. I did this 5 times before they claimed they received it and said I was good to go. After getting harrassed by collectors I followed up and was told they never did receive my form.

Fax again. I was assured all was needed to process claim. Weeks later still getting collection calls. Another follow up and after further review oops they put the wrong dates on the form so this was no longer valid. No one bothered to let me know this of course.

So I fax it in again. Finally my claims were paid after nearly a year after my surgery. But wait6 months later I get served at my place of employment by my Anesthesiologist suing me for after never even receiving a bill or a phone call. I called United and after the usual 30 min hold on the phone they could not explain why they did not pay this claim but would process it immediately.

They refused to provide me anything in writing to show me the claim is in process. What they put me and my wife through this last month is something out of a Twilight Zone and Catch Once you think you've cleared the hurdles another gets put up then another. Also their medication co-pays are out of this world.

We paid a 15 co-pay for a 20 prescription. Our co-pays and cost of medication previously were a fraction of what the are now. The other issue is that whenever you call them you never speak to the same person or anyone that has the power to make a decision it's as if they all have the script they have to follow. Our group is now exploring whether we can drop UHC and look into another company. Stay away from UHC as far away as you can. My next step is to file a complaint with the Texas Insurance Board.

United Helath Care does not think it is a serious enough issue to warrant a 5-day a week 6 hour program. They suggest that he should see a doctor a week an hour each visit. It has been appealed 3 times and it keeps getting upheld by UHC of course there is no outside appeals board. United Helath Care has refused to pay any of the I was one of the Officers of my company that help choose this new insurance company last year after they sold me a load of BS. I take what my job provides they have done the best they can. United switches to Optum RX suddenly the same generic is SO I go from 66 cents a day to 3.

Yeah for a generic.

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Luckily we have been in good health with regard to surgeries etc. Sadly complain politics all you want - the insurance companies will make their. I doubt their are any good ones. They categorize almost every procedure as 'surgery' regardless if a scalpel is needed. Routine examinations are coded as 'surgery' which goes beyond the normal co-pay.

This is without a doubt the worst insurance company. I can't believe what we've gone through trying to get them to pay our claims for doctor visits. Multiple phone calls during which we are assured that they will "fix things" but no one ever does. So you're forced to pay the doctors' bills yourself just so you can continue to have medical care.

I've had to deal with a number of insurance companies over the coursenof our lives and United is absolutely the worst. Locked into their pharmacy which refuses to release drug that keeps me walking until I meet not only my deductibles but my family plan deductible. Turning them into Attorney General and Pharmacy boards today- looking for attorney as well. Tell all your friends and associates that united healthcare is the absolute worst insurance company on the planet. This medical insurance repeatedly gives me names of Durable Medicine Companies and they either ask me to pay 3 times more a month for insulin pump supplies and CGM sensors.

OptumRx also hi-jacks local prescriptions and loses records. At the very least as long as you are willing to pay higher co-pays you are "allowed" to use local pharmacies. United Healthcare pushes their mail order pharmacy and has a problem with solving simple billing problems. My company switched for to save them money but its doubling the cost for RX out of my pocket. Most non-generic drugs are on the Tier 3 pricing level where Cigna had them at Tier 2.

UHC is such a scam. They even hide the listings of claims on their website to prevent you from easily seeing what you've paid. You have to click on each individual claim to see calculate the total. Good luck on finding information from their call center and web page. They change monthly or anytime they want. This is one unethical company the Government needs to investigate. They won't pay the cost of the blood work. They said due to the medical reform act the "codes" have changed and your doctor did not use the correct codes. They won't tell you what codes they should use.

UHC is a very unethical company and they don't stand behind what they claim. It seems every time the doctor prescribes medications they disapprove them. The amount of paperwork they require from the doctor is unreasonable. If I had the option I would select another health care company but this is the only one my company provides.

For my next employer their coverage plan will influence my decision to go with the company.. You go around in circles talking to their customer service the pharmacist and your doctor. I had no problems with my prior insurance company. You might be better off getting an individual healthcare plan from another company rather than using an employer-provided UHC plan and supposedly we have the best plan that UHC offers.

I reached out of pocket maximum of on August 9th this year due to cancer. On December 6th my account suddenly went from having reached the out of pocket maximum to being shy of the out of pocket maximum. Customer service agreed I had reached out of pocket max on August 9th but they could not fix it in their system.

Now I have doctor bills arriving when there should be none and a healthcare company that agrees with me but is unable to fix their mistakes. Very stressful to have to deal with when trying to beat cancer. Customer Service is very un-informed. Different answers when asked the same questions five days in a row. Worst insurance I have ever been forced to accept. My Dr. So now if I want to see a specialist I can only see one in their little group. And I mean little. So all other Dr. I was see are not in there little group of Dr. And it seems that this is the new trend.

So I have no choice at all about who I see as a specialist. I had filed a claim and United Health Care sent the check to the doctor in his name. I followed proper procedures for this. This was on called for. Then when I called to follow up on it no one knew what was going on and I was being transferred to other departments.

I had to call the corporate office then they transferred me to consumer affairs. Then they me what was going on. This is bad business ethics. Seems like their employees are not trained to do the job. Nothings seems to be done right in this company. They try to use "paperless statements" that THEY require and then try to hide what they decide that they will not cover for whatever bogus reason they come up with. On a scale of 1 to they rate in the negative. Their deductibles are higher than the actual drug costs in Canada.

What a rip-off. They would rather reject all claims - even if valid than see "sense". There seems to be a pattern with UHC of denying claims and improperly limiting coverage. Their customer service is a joke. You cannot get consistency to answers for the same question put t different folks. If it is not coded correctly you are liable for the cost. You will find out several months later when you receive a bill. Getting copies of your medical record is costly time-consuming and ultimately pointless if you appeal. You cant get any prescriptions filled without paying entire deductible first.

I am extremely dissatisfied with this company and it is sort of non negotiable at your employer in selecting it. Human resources states sign up for it or they will automatically sign you themselves. When they are contacted they say they the wrong codes have been used but cannot tell you what the correct codes are and told me to contact the hospital and find out what codes they used. This all stinks of a delaying ploy Tried for a year to get my information updated in their computer.

Waste of time Each claim took numerous long calls to Customer Service before they finally admitted to "mishandling" the claim and paid it in full. What a nightmare Never again will I seek insurance with this company. Expensive policies. Expect claims to be denied denied denied1". It has paid claims Ok so far but now that he had surgery for cancer plus all the related labs etc we got an EOB that states our insurance was canceled So thanks to your comments we will probably add the bills to our pending bankruptcy since to do otherwise will be financial suicide.

We will attempt to get the claims paid but everything will go in writing with signature required and cc our attorney. Good luck to everyone with this problem. Intentional effort to avoid payment. Rapidly changing policies and undeniable deception. Very disappointing. They are crooks in my opinion. It took 4 trips to the pharmacy to fill my daughters script and I ended up having to pay cash. The list of local network providers revealed none seem to cover even the most basic work. In fact its not worthless its fraud. My son ended up in the ER and admitted to the Hospital due to an approved substitute asthma medication that in fact was not in any way shape or form the same as the medication that was originally prescribed by his doctor.

After being in the hospital we are now paying the highest tiered copay for the medication that should be covered at a reasonable cost. We are also having to declare bankruptcy to cover the deductible and co-insurance charges from our sons hospital stay. Took 2 weeks and multiple phone calls from my specialist to get them to approve an MRI on my foot that I have been suffering with for 3 months. The most annoying part of all is that they dont even have to pay a single penny of the MRI which they continue to deny because I still have to meet the deductible. My husband is in the process of finding a new employer and the first question asked will be what insurance they provide.

We never want to be stuck with UHC again. Worst company ever". When I call and ask why my labs were denied they will check on it and get back to you. They never get back to you. You have to call again to get someone else to check on it. By check on it they mean they will stall until the day period for filing a grievance has passed and then say there is nothing they can do about it I should have filed a grievance.

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They have destroyed my excellent credit and I paid over a month for them to do it Its outright theft Its the only ins my employer offers but it is worse than no insurance. Switch jobs before you take this insurance. You might get a jerk 1 time and then a pleasant person the next. I called United 3 times in 2 weeks requesting my ID cards be sent. Its been over a month and no card. I was told it should take business days. Well its more like 25 days. I verified my address with them and still no card.

I cant blame the postman because I receive everything else promptly. What can I say Im just annoyed. If this is how things are starting off with them who knows what ride Im in for when I actually go to see a doctor. God forbid they charge me an arm and a leg". I cannot believe how little I get for what I pay. I must shop other companies to get more for my dollar. I had no choice but to get this coverage, as it was all my company offered. Noone consitently was there even when we repeatedly requested for someone to folow through.

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In-network doctors and facilities are inconsistent and billing was a nightmare. Also, they are not good about covering prescriptions. Even after my doctor wrote a letter of appeal explaining why I needed a medication they still refused to cover it. I am only looking for another insurer as United HealthCare does not offer private Insurance to Missourians. They blame Ceridian for not informing them of updates, and also they blame their own databases for not updating. They take no responsibility for correcting their own incompetence, simply advising me to sort things out with my former employer or Ceridian.

Or they lie and say they will resolve things that they never do. They advise that they will call me back yet never do. I sincerely hope the BBB or class action law suits reveal how truly dishonest and incompetent this company is. They said I had insurance with another company which I clearly did not have. Then they went thru all my claims for the past two years and took money back from my providers. It was dozens and dozens of claims that did not get paid correctly. Then it was almost impossible to get them to reverse their mistakes. The saga of errors has continued.

They have paid claims in a timely manner.

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I am very satisfied. They keep all the money. No refunds for the rest of the month.

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I practically have to fight for my benefits. The customer service employees sound very angry and rude. Especially the ones from mental health, which suppose to show more compassion. I think that is a patient is planning to commit suicide, her attitude will encourage a patient to do it. Come on your getting pay big money, please do your job. The worse thing is that I have to wait a year.

Filled complaint with my state regulatory agency. Inert and inept is the only definition of their Part D coverage group. Call the customer representatives and they are no help!! As a result, they can reduce the coverage. Also, a routine eye exam can be interpreted as doctor visit. In many cases, the reimburse processes are poorly or deliberately poorly managed. The poor performance of UnitedHealthCare is an example of collapse and absurd medical system here. If this insurance wasnt my only option through my employer i would have cancelled it a long time ago.

They bait and switch with premiums. At this point, we are considering doing without insurance altogether. Do not ever buy this insurance. They are all about money. They are about money only not health. When they did not find a blood clot they thought I might have an infection as a result of an insect bite and had to do numerous tests. In the two years I was in school and had healthcare coverage under them, through my school- not by choice, I had to verify 4 times that I did not have any other insurance coverage. With every claim there was a counter-action to weasel out of having to pay what they were contractually bound to pay.

There is no worse insurance company in the world- trust me! By comparison My advice: Stay away from United Healthcare like the plague. I had Blue Cross in the pest and I found they covered much more. I feel like its pointless to have insurance if I need to pay most of the bill my self. Have been going back and forth with the billing company for the doctors and United Healthcare for over 6 months now trying to get the billing issue resolved. Billing company is now sending me to collections and United Healthcare is still disputing the amount owed.

UHC paid all with no questions. Medical for car accident, paid no issues. Have had bad history with another health insurance provider when son had cancer treatments, but none w UHC, and now that he is too old to be covered he is uninsurable. But I am surprised the feedback on UHC is so bad - maybe the corporate version is better? We had a baby at an approved hospital. My baby had to go to the special nursery and that doctor was not covered under the plan so now I must pay out of pocket for most of that bill They will find a way to get Ya!

Does not give a damn about patients and just want to give clauses which does not mean anything. It has taken up to 4 months and numerous calls to get a claim paid. Every time I call they apologize and say it should have been paid. They then promise to "take care of it", but never do. They paid the provider and then changed their minds and requested the provider return the money. The member had to pay several thousand dollars out of pocket to the provider. I recommend to stay away from this company! Their actions were opposite of their mission statement. Benefits are inferior. I would have not taken the insurance had I known the coverage would be nearly non-existent.

They are paying only a fraction of my 5, Their new reasoning for such a low payment is that it is under their cheaper plan. Also, if you call customer service, you can get a different answer every time.

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They also said they no longer had part of my billing of my surgery and said I had to call physicians myself for codes to rebill. That is how reliable they are. My husbands work, is currently looking for a a new am reliable group insurance company. They do no pay claims, they give you the run around, and information given is based on "who" you talk to.

A word to the wise I am only with them because of where I work!!! To get health insurance as an independent is really expensive. I fee completely and totally stuck! I was saddled with United for many years while working at Worldcom. I had to make several claims in that time and all of them went very poorly.

At one point I was actually having to act as a go-between for United and the credit collectors who had been turned loose on me due to United screwing up my claim so badly, and then refusing to clean up their mess. My credit was almost destroyed by these people. What happens is they underpay for a service, leaving the remainder of the bill to the covered person. Also, they are expensive for not great coverage! I used their list and even called UHC before going they even provided the address I should go to. My regular physician has told me that every claim he files for me even a regular physical is denied at least once".

Takes forever to get through to a person, and often times you are sent through a maze, with them hanging up on you in the end. Coverage is next to nothing, operators are rude, no hospital or clinic wants to do business with them. It is a shame that people are treated this way in this country. Do not, under any circumstances waste your money on this bogus insurance! I must call UHC anywhere from 8 to 10 times and am told the charges will be paid, but then I receive a letter stating the original determination was correct.

I call UHC again and am told that letter was sent in error, my inquiry was closed in error and they will send back for review. Customer Service is a joke. None of them know what they are doing. They have lost faxed prescriptions from my doctor, lost important paperwork on my appeals from my lawyer, etc. This company should be investigated.

Medical care from a provider is reviewed and always either approved for a lesser care treatment or denied outright. UHC seems to conduct a War of Attrition to discourage and delay and otherwise frustrate timely payment of claims. To game doctors and patients, and keep as much money as possible in UHC coffers. Be smart! Avoid this company at all cost. When I had to use the insurance I found out it covers nothing, and have refused I cancelled the insurance right away since they do not cover anything and customer service is another subject, and still took me for two additional deductions from my paycheck.

I feel as though this company should be investigated for misleading customers for services they they do not pay for. And we all wonder whats wrong with health insurance?? I was her representative, acknowledged by United Healthcare. Because I could not locate her policy; I requested a copy of her policy to see what plan she had and its coverages, on multiple occasions. I never received the policy copy. I changed to another company as a result.

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Poor customer service. Originally I was sent the certificates, but they were filled out incorrectly with the wrong coverage dates.

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Since then I've requested them continously over the last 4 months, was promised that corrected copies would be sent and haven't received them. No call was returned. This company actions indicate to me that they are disorganized, poorly manage, and not customer focused. If you have a choice in healthcare insurance, stay away from this organization! They always payed up their share and were always very clear about what they covered or not. Never any hassles although I have never had any unusual health need.

Need to find new inexpensive individual coverage now, wish I could really tell how well companies would treat me. I need a child psychologist, and there are none on the network in 10 miles, and 3 in 20 miles.

United Healthcare Customer Comments

I was told by 2 different receptionists that they are "the worst" insurance company to deal with. One told me "you have my sympathy". For the thousands we pay annually for a family plan, our benefit amounts to a few hundred dollars per year. I fear what would happen if someone in my family ever needed serious health care. They are the worst insurance carrier that we are contracted with by a mile. Recently, they have institued a provider satisfaction survey when calling the provider call center. If you choose "yes" to answering a survey that takes place after you speak to a rep, they transfer you to the USA call center and trained employees that provide much improved customer.

However, if you choose "no" to partaking in the survey, you are routed to one of their overseas call centers India, the Phillipines. They are obatining an artificially inflated customer service rating to battle all of their customer and provider complaints as exampled on this website. I had to have a breast sonogram done because my mammogram was difficult to read due to dense tissue.

United Healthcare would not pay for it. Being insured with United Healthcare is the closest to being uninsured you'll ever get. The last I knew if you end up at the doc office most of the time you are going to have some sort of bloodwork done, this should be covered no matter what. In one month they have denied two claims. One for mental health and one for preventative chiro services. United does not cover preventative care. I do not recommend this company.

They do the typical insurance bull to rip us off. I was repeatedly disconnected by the representatives on the phone. For some claims, they sent me information to my postal address, and when I called them about it, they had no record of them sending the information to me. They are one of the least-efficient, unorganized, unfair insurance companies with which I have had to deal. After 45 minutes I finally found a person on the other line. This was after randomly trying extensions because I was getting forwarded to machines. The answer I received was of 0 help. They change their formulary without any sort of thought except to how they can make money.

I am disgusted and frustrated. This is the first time I have ever had to post, and hopefully the last. Do not get coverage with them if you have a choice. It wasn't. They refused to fill prescriptions that were covered. I need surgery and will definately get approval in writing after reading these posts. The new office was listed as "In-Network" on the United website. All claims at the new facility were denied for the first two months, which just happened to coincide with our newborn.

I've seriously looked at changing jobs simply because of the horrible insurance. Nothing major - mostly just routine doctor visits and an occasional chest x-ray and prescription for my son. I love our pediatrician in the network and have no complaints. That is why my answer to question 5 is what it is. They are not covering what they said they would in the "Summary of Plan" descriptions handbook. We are a healthy, mid-twenties couple with healthy toddler twins, and we are drowning in medical bills. Almost nothing besides catastrophic injuries are covered by our "complete" policy.

What they do cover, won't do you any good, because they don't cover the full treatment that your doctor recommends. Thats really all I have to say. They cover just about nothing and you end up paying through the nose for routine things. It takes an act of congress to get a payment. My husband is denied everytime we file. They eventually end up paying - saying it is a computer glitch.

Well, they need to fix their computer. It is extremely inconvenient for my family and out doctors. Their payments are so low they can't afford to. I have had to pay out of pocket over what Medicare would pay for my physical therapy. Had procedure in out patient surgery center and United did not pay for 2 months. United informed surgery center that they had not submitted all necessary info on paper work. Surgery center said United uses that excuse to slow pay or not pay.

Surgery center said United was hoping customer would pay the fee themselves and United was the worst company for paying their bills that surgery center dealt with. Every excuse to run around and deny a valid claim. You won't hear any nonsensical ramblings from me. I have used United Health for 3 years and have had no problem with them.

It's a PPO so I expect to pay higher premiums. I think for people who are not concerned about their health, do not foresee themselves going to the hospital for any type of hospitalization or surgical care then, go for another plan. I chose the PPO plan with United because I did not want to be caught short in the case that I would need hospitalization.

In fact, both my wife and I were hospitalized last summer and my out of pocket cost was much better than it would have been with other plans. So that's 1 in importance to me. In fact, I underwent extensive testing In fact, not only did United pay all my bills without hassle or question, but they did so promptly. Overall, I am satisfied. Put it into a "Health Fund" in your bank You'll be better off! Got different answers from people". I am still waiting for authorization to pay for a special CT scan to determine if I have cancer or not because I can't afford to pay up front.

I can't believe I pay money for this kind of coverage every month. Many specialists and much follow up care - had to call the claims office a number of times - but eventually everything was taken care of perfectly. What's more, they do not pay for very necessary diagnostic tests such as MRI. This appeals letter takes 30 days for review and hopefully you are not turned over to a collection agency in the meantime for unpaid balances while waiting for UHC to pay.

Important paper work is constantly lost or not sent by UHC. Deductibles are not correctly credited to account. The only issue I've had has been small problems getting certain prescriptions authorized. Just so folks know, your level of insurance is determined by your employer or group when coverage is negotiated, not the insurance companies. If your deductible, co-pays, and premiums are too high it probably indicates a lower tier. I found this out as my sister has UHC too, but it's like totally different insurance!

Her deductibles and copays are outrageous! If your insurance is provided by your employer talk to HR about exact coverages. It could be helpful when trying to navigate treatment. By the time the hospital sent out bills the claim filing period had lapsed. Hospital filed on wrong account.

Your worst nightmare gone worse. This is the only one that my company offers. Prescription coverage won't cover allergy medication, they force you to buy over the counter and foot the entire bill. They do absolutely nothing for you except say they will look into your problem, give them two weeks, call back and see what the end result is. After 8 weeks, I am still hearing the same story, so no one has actually looked into anything yet.

The best one I have heard to date is that my doctor may not actually be in my plan really, I got his name from their website and to verify this info. When a claim is submitted to them from doctors for on-going treatment of Mamsi patients, United Healthcare denies the claim. When patient calls to ask about the denial, they use the excuse of not having any medical history for the patient, gives the patient an number to call to get their medical history.

Instead of going back to the doctor to request whatever history they need, they deny the claim which causes the doctors to bill the patient for the service. If they truly were interested in paying the claim, they would request the history needed for the claim and pay it. They are betting on patients not following up on denied claims. I've experienced this for the entire 6 months that I've used United Healthcare. They were not my choice of a provider and will definitely not be my choice when open season comes around in November. Customer Service employees are NOT helpful.

I spoke to 3 of them today and indicated that I wanted to stay on the line to take their customer satisfaction survey. Is there a telephone at the property? Are linens and towels provided? How often are homes cleaned? Are homes smoking or non-smoking? Are handi-cap accessible homes available? Why Book with OVH Orlando Vacation Homes , Inc. Central Blvd. Selected Property. Average Star Rating. Guests arriving you can depart that day. Guests departing you can arrive that day. Page 1 of 1 [1].

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