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Game Stop's inventory includes games dating all the way back to the NES days of the s, giving them an impressive inventory to say the least. If console games aren't what interest you, you can also purchase the hottest titles on PC, including digital downloads, additional downloadable content and even Steam Machines. No matter what your gaming interests are, you win every time. If that was not enough, Game Stop also sells a variety of electronics, including tablets, cell phones and eBook readers.

Their primary focus is on gamers, however, and they have all but cornered the market when it comes to video games, systems and accessories. What made Game Stop a big deal when they made their debut in was that, unlike the big box stores, Game Stop would actually let customers trade in used games for new ones. This was practically unheard of at the time, since other stores usually would not accept used games at all. The only place you used to be able to sell or buy used games was at pawn shops or flea markets, which rarely gave very much in return.

Because of Game Stop's resulting success of this service, some big box stores have begun implementing similar trade in programs, but only online or in limited numbers of stores. Game Stop offers this service in all of its physical locations nationwide as well as online. Combined with their exhaustive selection, remarkable customer service and excellent PowerUp Rewards program, Game Stop has become an indomitable force within the video game industry.

When you shop at Game Stop, you are sure to get the best selection of the latest and greatest Wii U, 3DS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games, along with a whole host of retro games and systems. With a little help from Giving Assistant, you can expect to save on some of the hottest games and systems of yesterday and today and, with a PowerUp Rewards card, the value just gets better and better.

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Giving Assistant and Game Stop are dedicated to helping you find the perfect game for yourself or the gamer in your life. Try Game Stop and see what sets it apart from the big box retailers. Game Stop visited E3 to bring you the latest news on all of your favorite upcoming titles. Game Stop on Facebook: Here you can enter caption contests and learn about the newest games on the market. Game Stop on Twitter: Here you can connect with other gamers and Game Stop itself. Here is another great way to spot great deals and enter contests for free games, systems and more. You can also see when preorders are available for the newest tiles.

Game Stop on YouTube: Here is worth checking out for the latest news on upcoming titles. I requested to speak to his manager and he would not provide. He became very defensive and raised his voice at me more than once. I do not appreciate the intimidation nor the defensiveness. I requested where I might find this information to verify what he claimed.

I must admit, I had to laugh at this as it was the most ludicrous policy I had ever heard. I told him as such and explained I would be spreading the word and contacting corporate. He sarcastically offered me the CEOs number and told me he was ending the call multiple times when I requested to know information about him or his supervisor. Very rude and completely unacceptable. Emailed GameStop customer service an hour ago.

We will see what their response entails. Ordered something online from Gamestop. Didn't arrive within weeks of their estimated shipping date. Contacted Customer Support; no response. Followed up with addition requests; no response. They are awful.

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Don't give them any of your money. Shop literally anywhere else. If I could give a negative star rating this store would receive a -5! At the suggestion of a local store manager I placed an online order from them for a game my son desperately wanted because they didn't have in stock. I was guaranteed the game would b compatible with the new Xbox system he got for Christmas. I paid a premium to get this game in a hurry. It arrived three days after it was promised and there were 2 identical used copies of it, neither of which will work in his system.

Multiple attempts to reach the customer service number they provided on the invoice included in their package was met with a "Circuits Are Currently Busy" message regardless of the time of day! Out of options, I took both copies of this useless game to my store.

393 Gamestop Consumer Reviews and Complaints

The arrogant desk flunkie had a 'sucks to be you' attitude that was infuriating! What recourse do I have in this matter? I don't think I'm ever buying anything online again! With the ratings they receive and the absence of anything you might call customer service, how do they manage to stay business!? The store employees are super cool, but customer service Full of crap and non-existing. Purchased 2 games before Christmas, still waiting for that refund that they promised. Thieves at higher levels, take your money and you have to scramble to get it back.

We bought 4 Xbox ones for Christmas gifts! One of them was faulty. Mind you they were Christmas gifts. So They weren't opened right away. We tried to just swap the one system but they wouldn't swap it!!! I'm extra upset because now my daughter is out of a game system and her gold membership! It's disgusting that I could spend so much money and they won't swap it out.

I've gone to their store and called corporate! You're absolutely disgusting! No more money from my pocket will be spent there! The console arrived, but no gift card. It's been over a month and I spoke to Customer Service twice. They keep apologizing and ask I be patient while they fix the problem. It's Jan and I'm still waiting for them to resolve the issue. Tried to sign up and purchase something online at gamestop. Kept looping me back to the sign-in and didn't allow me to purchase something!

Once I finally purchased a downloadable game after speaking to a customer service rep, the download was NOT available. I could have gone to a store to purchase, and wouldn't have purchased this if it wasn't immediately downloadable. I believe this is not honest advertising! If it states 'downloadable' then once I purchase this it should be downloadable! Missing - no record that it even existed! These were promised back to him over a month ago and today, still nothing! No one helps you! I'VE been dealing with them about this as well. Yes - Money! My husband sold them items and now has zero dollars for it!

Zero response. Stores are fine but ZERO customer service you call an outsourced call center that relays messages to Gamestop - maybe , and their Ecommerce software charges credit cards but never sends email gift cards I offered to come in on my break from work and get it or charge it to my card and I would come the next day.

He said, "Don't worry about it there are plenty. It is on sale till the first of the year. I repeated our conversation and he said, "I don't what to do. I know I told you that. He told me the manager was out of the store. He then proceeded to hand the phone to someone that identified himself as the Manager. I asked, "How can that be? I was just told he wasn't there. I called back an hour later and the 2 young employees denied our interaction and the Manager believed them.

Why would I lie and how would I know their names to make up a story if I didn't talk directly to them earlier??? I will call corporate and see if I get satisfaction. With negative complaints before mine - they need to do something. You are wasting your time and life if you continue to support Gamestop. Let them rot and let them die. This message is towards the higher-ups, not customer service.

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When you buy a new game or system, their refund system and their trade in values are a JOKE! Get out of my face! I ordered a Nintendo Switch console on Cyber Monday. I called a total of 4 times and I have had it. The first time was a week after I placed the order, the rep told me that the item is in the process of shipping. I will no longer order from Gamestop.

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They take your money immediately but do not fulfill orders. This is not a proper way to do business. They stated that they will issue me a refund in days. I wish I can give them 0 stars! UPS claims the package was delivered and left outside. I never received my package. I contacted GameStop about it and they said they would open an investigation.

Weeks went by and I heard nothing from anyone. I reached back out and they said the package was lost and I would receive a refund in business days. Over a week went by and nothing so I reached back out just to hear, "Even though the package was left outside and went missing we can't help because it was delivered.

They do not even respond to my emails. I gave the electronic gift card the same night. The ecard had zero balance. I called the number listed on the receipt and waited 1 hour and 46 minutes to speak with a customer Service Representative named Brian. He was rude. He told me the card was used earlier today and there nothing he could do. At this point, I requested the order e cancelled and I be given another ecard. The Representative stated there was nothing that he could do. I also requested the transaction number to file fraud claim.

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I was told since I was not purchaser of the transaction, he could not release the information. This is disgusting.

GameStop needs to be boycotted. They are a horrible company.

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I will be following up to get my money back. I will never ever buy from Gamestop again, Cyber Monday scam, no game system received and when I call, the hold is over an hour and then they start reviewing my order and the call drops and they never return my call and I am still trying The worst purchase experience ever, they are ripping customers off and I'm not the only one as you will read.

I ordered Nintendo Switch on Cyber Monday. It was supposed to come with a GameStop and Nintendo gift card. This company is committing gift card fraud. No problem making in store purchases, but online is the pits and customer service is worse and usually little to no help. I have had trouble with making online purchases in the past, but they were minor. I feel so stupid entrusting this site with my Christmas shopping this year.

I should've run when the site kept glitching and not allowing me to order. I get my box Friday evening, open it and there is nothing I ordered in the box. Here it is Saturday and they claim to not be able to help me, that I need to first send their items back then they will process a new order for me. They guarantee I will receive the day before Christmas. I ask how is that possible if they aren't going to process this until they receive the items back? Welp, he hung up instead of answering the question. I contacted the guy whose items I received his contact info was inside the box.

He tells me, "No problem. Just keep it or trade it in. If you're going to shop with them, I suggest going to the store or picking up at store. Also, use PayPal, the last time I used a card on their site my card info was stolen. At this point, the only way I can save Christmas for my son is go to the store and hope it's available The products ordered were the only things he requested and he's such a sweet kid, he deserves to get them.

I have never had a problem in an actual Gamestop store - but gamestop. First - I paid for a new game - They send me a used game. VERY used, not sealed, ripped off label on it, etc. I called customer service 45 min wait time and they apologized and said they would send a NEW game right out and after I got it I could send the old one back.

A week later, when it was NOT received, I called again hour wait time I no longer wanted the game, just my money back. I did