Cross border shopping deals

For example, whole turkeys, alcohol, gas, and cheese used to be prime products to buy at a savings across the border.

Cross Border Shopping/Day Trips

I'm not even sure if that's the case anymore, but with such a strong Canadian dollar, there must be shopping opportunities that would make a weekend shopping trip worthwhile. Any specific products or classes of products that you buy in the US that are hugely cheaper there? Groceries, clothing, shoes, housewares, some electronics, almost anything you'd find in Crappy Tire and Home Depot. Almost anything at Kohl's in Bellis Fair; shoes, clothes, electronics, kitchenware, jewelry, housewares, bedding, linens, kids' stuff Keep in mind that the coupon discount applies to everything when paying with a Kohl's card.

You can then make a payment to your account immediately, so you won't have a balance owing if you think CDN dept store credit card rates were bad, don't mess with the American ones! Lastly, their return policy is almost as good as Costco's. There's no set time limit it's more at the discretion of the CSR ; but if you have the receipt and all packaging, you should be good to go. If you paid on a Kohl's card, you don't even need the receipt because they can look up the transaction. No points to collect or redeem for future benefits.

Not huge by any means, but still a discount off the scanned price. Once again, you can make a payment against your account immediately to avoid carrying a balance. I've had a Target card for 3 years, and Kohl's for almost 2. DO NOT be late with payment, if you don't pay off your purchases immediately!

Canadian Cross-Border Shopping Guide

They will forgive it the first time if you call and ask, but that's it. Heatware eBay feedback RFD feedback! | Best Cross Border Shopping Deals for You

If you are like me and have a hard time finding large size shoes I wear size 14 , the selection is almost always far greater in American shoe stores "Famous Brand Shoes" or any brand outlet. I like driving down to the Seattle Premium outlets when they are having a sale. That's the biggest one. Don't overdo it on 1-day trips because you'll get nailed.

Duty Free Allowances

Look at Dysons on Costco. Automobile tires and home appliances. Customs and Border Protection, it allows low-risk, pre-approved travellers expedited access across the border. You will have to fill out a long online application and meet with a border services officer to get fingerprinted and have a retina scan before being approved, which can take a couple of months. As a bonus, your Nexus card will also let you use a special meaning shorter line at airport security checkpoints at most major Canadian and U.

Before you plan your trip across the border, make sure you know the dollar value of goods you can bring home.

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Products from Chile and Costa Rica might also be duty-free because Canada has separate free-trade agreements with those countries. To estimate the duty and taxes on specific purchases, use the estimator on the Canada Border Services Agency website. Unlike a Canadian-based U.

That can really add up if you are a regular cross-border shopper. If you're a frequent visitor to the United States, you might want to apply for a U. You can apply for a U. Check for a card that offer rewards programs or travel insurances so that you can benefit even more. The ideal partner for a U.

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If you have both, you could pay off your credit card or any American retail store cards in U. Look for special offers from U.

The Best Bets for Cross-Border Shopping: East

Check websites of malls close to the border, or include them in your Twitter feed, to keep tabs on special offers for Canadian shoppers, which often happen after the loonie takes a dive against the U. You can do the same for hotels and restaurants, and some hotels will send special offers to you via email if you sign up for their loyalty program. Check for coupons and deals on websites aimed at cross-border shoppers, such as Crossbordershopping.

If you are in the market for a big-ticket item, it pays to check out Canadian prices before you head south. This article is intended as general information only and is not to be relied upon as constituting legal, financial or other professional advice.