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The personal posting limit is in place to prevent users with multiple associations from posting heaps of deals in a short time frame. I have 5 declared associations here and without the limit I could post a minimum of 10 associated posts a week. Instead I'm restricted to a minimum of 2 with the option of 3 or 4 if my deals receive enough votes.

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If the three most recent rep deals get double the front page minimum votes or more currently 50 votes , the limit is increased to 4 deals per week. I don't think its a bad thing.

Lots of deals in Mexico after travel warning is canceled

If they have a good deal, they are welcome to share it here. Those who post rubbish will know the scorn of the ozbargain community. Don't mind, as long as it's not the constant wave of "new" Amazon sellers who spam the hell out of the site. Bring it on, that's how we save money, there are some great deals to be had from store reps, travel SIM cards are a good example.

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I do have my doubts about Kogan offerings!!. A deal is a deal is a deal, regardless of who it is posted by. If you don't like a deal, you can choose not to click on it. I don't see any issue. You'll notice that very commonly, the store rep type deals are more heavily scrutinised than those that are not.

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Many users will do reverse image searches to find the OEM product and post price comparisons for the same item under a different flag. All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. Lots of Deals from Store Representatives. Yeah actually that is true, I guess it all sorts its self out in the end.

12 Days of Deals day 8: lots of savings on Xbox

Maximum a rep can do is 4 posts a week. We should be encouraging them I think. Nevertheless, for as many big fish that Reuters, and Hirsch, have reeled in, there are still a few hooks in the water.

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In that same Aug. That may still be true: Since the report, seven craft breweries, including Dogfish, Ballast Point and Lagunitas, have been involved in a transaction.

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But a July report also filed by Hirsch claimed that Atlanta-based Sweetwater — which is also planning to build a second brewing facility out west — was preparing for a public offering. The company has yet to file a form S-1 with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission SEC , and one source not affiliated with the brewery that Brewbound spoke to believes that option is off the table. So where does that leave the rumor mill? The leading job board for the beer industry. Featuring hundreds of jobs from leading breweries and associated companies.

Today Is National Fast Food Day, Which Means Lots of Deals – ROCK

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