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Description Specifications Related Items Downloads. Available for cool or hot water systems, these simple and reliable coupon test stations are typically installed on the side stream of re-circulating systems to allow for controlled testing of ASTM standard coupons samples.

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Samples are periodically removed and examined by a laboratory in order to calculate corrosion rates and other effects such as pitting and deposition. System does not include coupons - order coupons separately.

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Flow GPD psi Historically, corrosion monitoring equipment required three people using a specialized device to install and retrieve corrosion coupons. The tool might weigh 65 kg lbs. Retrieving this type of corrosion monitoring device from high-pressure lines is hazardous, strenuous and expensive, especially in areas with limited space, such as offshore oil rigs. The best corrosion coupon holders are lightweight, yet strong and durable. They provide for safe, fast and cost-effective insertion and retraction under pressure.

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Preferably only one insertion tool is needed for multiple systems, and is easily operated by only one operator. They can be inserted by hand or mechanically to meet most application needs.


Mechanically inserted corrosion coupon holders used in high-pressure systems about to 5, psi require tools to insert and remove them from the system without process interruption. The best insertion tools have a side handle crank so the operator is able to work from a stable and secure position to the side of the tool.

What Are Corrosion Coupons?

In addition, they can be operated upside-down or in any other position for hard to access locations, and are non-telescoping to minimize the space needed for operation. Some tools are designed to remain in the pressurized system. A locking collet secures the tool in the process stream until removed by the operator. Long travel lengths up to 25 feet for the tool holders allow a corrosion coupon to be placed at the optimum place in the process.

Corrosion detection is a crucial component in the overall management of underground force mains.