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The rabbit left without a house becomes "it. This is a good game to divide a group of people into two teams.

Depending on the size of the crowd, 1 or 2 people circulate among the crowd and tap people on their shoulders saying to them either duck or cow. Players are then instructed to close their eyes and by quacking or mooing, find their other teammates, until you have one large group of quacking ducks and one of mooing cows.

Give names of veggies, fruits, animals, careers one category for each round of game. Giving at least two people in the group the same "title". All must try and find their "mate" same title. Circle relay. Each team forms a circle, and a balloon is placed in front of each team captain. On signal, each captain used her broom to sweep the balloon around the outside of her circle and back to her original place. She hands the broom to the player on her left, who continues to sweep the balloon around the circle.

All players take a turn. The first team to finish wins. This is a cooperative game. Sit on the ground, back-to-back with your partner, knees bent and elbows linked.

Yellow Petal, Friendly and Helpful

Now simply stand up together. After succeeding, try it with three people, four people, etc. This was pretty fun. It gets easier with more people. Some groups needed help with the first round and could not get up without a little help from the adults. Explain to the girls that it is okay to look different from other people. Play the following game to show girls how they have differences yet are all the same. Tell girls to run to different designated areas in the room with the following.

When I say go; everyone with Do the same with: Once they have played the game. Ask girls: Does everyone look the same? Help girls understand that we all have eyes, yet our eyes are different.

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We all have skin, yet the color can be different. Ask girls to come up with more ways that we are all the same and ways we are different.

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We took 3 hulahoops and put them on the floor. The girls had to figure out how they could help each other get across the room when they could only be "safe" standing in a hulahoop. They figured out that if they put all of them in 2 the back hulahoop could come to the front and then they could all move forward. Split into teams of about 6 girls per group. Break girls into 3 groups and have them line up in two row. The rows will switch after each thing. Ask the girls what the helper should do. Have the helper row act out some helpful things. Like saying hello and introducing themselves.

As above, ask what they should do and then have them act it out. Different groups went at different rates, so when the first group was done, we stopped and moved onto the games. This work surprisingly well. The girls who were more shy took a little time to get into it, but they eventually did. Part of being friendly is greeting other people and making them feel welcome. When girls hear you call out, they should stop where they are and turn and face the person nearest. When girls stop and face one another, ask them to introduce themselves with a smile, a handshake. Nice to meet you. Tell girls that you are going to call out some behaviors, or ways that people act.

Use the behaviors. Girls should decide if the behavior is friendly or not friendly. If they think it is friendly, they should jump. There is a new student in your class. You invite her to play with you and your friends. A girl from school smiles and says hello to you on the playground. Your friend Maddie tells you that you should only play with her and not any of your other.

You invite some kids from your neighborhood over to your house to play. You share your. Kale comes over to your house to see your mom. Your mom. You open the door for Mrs. Kale, smile and say hello. You only choose your friends to be on. Your older sister is so annoying sometimes. Sometimes she bosses you around and. At a Girl Scout meeting, your friend Celia drops her fruit snacks on the dirty floor. You help Celia pick up and throw away her fruit snacks. Then, you. Your birthday party is coming up and you invited all the girls from your class.

A new girl. You invite her to your party. Discuss any behaviors that the girls have trouble identifying as friendly or not friendly. I've got something in my pocket that belongs across my face, I. I bet you. One person recommended having the girls make chocolate chip cookies and then having the girls share them with the residents while visiting with them. We took a trip to a local Assisted living home for Christmas. We made them snowmen necklaces oriental trading and gingerbread men. We served the elderly cookies and punch, sang carols and presented the gifts. When we where done the girls went room to room placing cane candys on the resident door knobs.

I liked the assisted living because the girls where not afraid and we had a wonderful time. Contact your local animal shelter. Find out what kind of items they need to take proper care of the animals. Do they need cat food, dog food, old blankets, towels, cat litter, etc? Girls can then collect some of these items to donate to the shelter. Plan a trip to visit the shelter.

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Yellow petal friendly and helpful sample 1. Daisy Girl Scout Meeting. Petals earned: Yellow, friendly and helpful. Who will lead. Opening Activity. Friendly and Helpful coloring page. Opening ceremony — pledge of allegiance and GS promise.

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Take attendance. Choose activity. Discuss how we want to go on some outings as a group and the girls get to choose between two things. Explain that there are signs on the wall and we will vote with our feet by going over to the sign. Explain that not everyone will get what they want this time. The choice is: Do you want to go to a fire station or a police station? Read story. Discuss how we earn badges. Check them out here […]. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Read Hodge the Hedgehog. Learn about friendly greetings around the world. Join an older troop on a community service project, or create one yourself.

Activities and survival strategies for Girl Scout leaders and volunteers

Check out what our Daisies did when a tornado devastated a community. Create a coupon book for your parents. Thank you so much for these great ideas and for the templates, this is a big help for those of us planning meetings! We are doing almost the same meeting tonight with a group of Daisies in Raleigh, NC. Wednesday, February 20, Friendly and Helpful.

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