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I'm trying to decide between this system or putting together my own system including a PC running Blue Iris. I built a system for work using PoE cameras, switch, and server running Blue Iris but a complete package is tempting since it will be for home use. Can anyone comment on this?

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Quote from millzners: Quote from stealth Quote from kherbinoskie: Does Q-See make a decent product with good technical support and a good phone app? Any help is appreciated. Quote from martinspiration: Last edited by nyyankees2k3 November 5, at Quote from nyyankees2k3: Quote from scoob Page 1 of 4. Join the Conversation Add a Comment. Costco Members: Copyright - Slickdeals, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Q-see NVR kit - will add more details when I get a chance. I went the Blue Iris route.

I'm glad I did, but I suppose it depends on whether you have the equipment available. Blue Iris setup is more expensive by far Initial Cost is expensive,.. HI Martin Yes, good system.

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Hardware is good - Dahua OEM. Same with the software that can work with this kit. I don't understand.. I googled it. Surveillance Rated Hard Drive This system includes a Digital Surveillance Hard Disk Drive that is engineered to withstand the rigorous needs of constant recording for superior video retention. Remote Monitoring Access and control your system from anywhere in the world with just a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Weather-Resistant Cameras Indoor or outdoor, these cameras are ready for action! Easy Connect Easy Connect is a new way to quickly connect from the Q-See mobile app to your NVR for instant live viewing on your smart phone or tablet. Start-Up Wizard Your Q-See NVR comes with an automated Start-Up Wizard that guides your through the setup process step-by-step to ensure your system is configured and fully optimized right out of the box.

Product information Style: Technical Specification User Guide [pdf ]. For warranty information about this product, please click here. Feedback If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Would you like to tell us about a lower price? See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention picture quality quality is good cameras software motion network call documentation number company install interface.

Showing of 16 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. I researched surveillance cameras and systems for quite a while. My overall criteria were that I wanted 4K cameras and Power over Ethernet, both for the increased picture quality and to hopefully future-proof the system when I took the time to run all the cabling.

Ideally, I was looking for something made in the U. Unfortunately this set of criteria really narrowed the field. There are several things to be aware of before spending this much money on a camera system though. I would have liked to have found more reviews on Q-See products, so am taking the time to write one here now. They seem well-built, they are easy to attach, and the day-time picture quality is great. The cameras that came with this system had several plugs to support different types of connections, but I used the PoE cable one cable for power and data , and the rest all tucked up into the hole where the camera was mounted.

The night vision quality is good and has reasonable distance, but be warned, the red lights attract bugs and yes, they trigger off the motion settings. I have played around with the sensitivity settings in the software, but not enough to resolve it. They seem well made, with good shielding and end-caps. The length was great. Some others sell or ft long cables, but it's difficult to estimate how long you'll need when you're running cables through the walls or attic, so go long.

This is one I've tried myself and can confirm: This is a very nice and not advertised feature. While I assumed it would work since these are, after-all, IP cameras, the documentation implies otherwise. It provides all the PoE ports, is basic in form and function, and most importantly, it works. However, the unit is small and puts off heat, so it has small fans that are noisy and high-pitched.

I find it annoying to the point where I've considered relocating the NVR, but to be fair the rest of the family doesn't seem to notice. The software needs a lot of work. I'm very technical and even I find it unfriendly. It does a good job of showing the video in various layouts, allowing you to adjust motion settings for each camera, and providing an overview of health of the disks, the cameras, etc. Using the "DVR" functionality going back in time to view video works, but this is not Tivo, and it will require some patience.

Overall, the software is not very user-friendly and requires a lot of clicking-around to find what you're looking for. It will show you reduced quality views of real-time video, and has some hard-to-use features for streaming DVR-like functions, but the interface is terrible, hard-to-use, and filled with icons without hints to their features.

You can see the reviews in the stores. Q-See needs to invest in this. You turn on the NVR, plug them in, and it just works. Nice job on that front Q-See! Setting up the mobile app, however, is a nightmare. They've tried to make this easy by providing a QR code on the device itself and within the software, but incredibly they don't report the same thing one uses a MAC address and one a serial number?

I couldn't get either one to work. I had a long, frustrating conversation with technical support they are following a script and cannot adapt very well. All I wanted to know: I finally found this by searching Q-See forums. After updating my firewall Another long route through customer service and I discovered that the app, at least in my case, didn't need a MAC address, QR code, serial number, or anything but: Holy mother, if that could have been in a doc it would have been so much easier.

I feel like I should write more on this topic to help others, but recognize configuring firewalls is not easy for many.

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I will update it with details of the ports, which I don't have in front of me, but the key to getting this to work was using the external IP address in the app's configuration. Oh, one more tip, the NVR software does let you change the ports if for some reason the defaults conflict with something else on your network.

The hardware is great, the software should be too. Hope this helps. This is a cheap or cheaper setup. The company does push its products hard.

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However what is lacking is the software working without issue s. This is where the frustration comes in. It is easy to setup and get going. The screen interface is rather limited and primitive. After saving about 5 videos, an error appear and now no videos can be down loaded. Codex not valid. Checked with support and , "They will get back to me". Remote monitoring on the phone is easy to setup and works. Did not try it on IE directly. When asked them about this, I was asked to buy premium support and they would get it working for me.

They would not say how. They would say when Chrome would be supported.

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Which is about 2 years old. Tried to download their PC app to do monitoring.

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It would not work with the error message, "Visual from Microsoft is too new". When call up support, they spent 10 minutes remote dialed in trying to install the same software over and over again, with admin, without admin and so on. They finally agreed to escalate that and they would call me back. But they did not have my phone number so how were they going to do that?

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When asked, they ohh, what is it. My experience with them is sell, sell, sell, deal with problems by selling more.

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I certainly would not recommend them if you are seriously looking for all the features they advertise. If you would like a very simple viewing only system, this will fit that need. If you would like to have remote viewing, download clippings, etc. This may not be the right product unless you don't mind spending a lot of time troubleshooting. This was very easy to set up and I have not had to contact their customer service.

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The instructions were sufficient for me - they are better written and have better content than instructions from a GW system a non-IP system I ended up trashing. The app is pretty good - I have to exit out of it and re-open it to get the live stream on, but that's been my experience with other apps. I would give it 5 stars, but the motion detection has been overly sensitive.

I have the outside camera overlooking my driveway at the lowest setting and still get anywhere from 15 to emails per night of motion alarms from 1 camera that covers my driveway - i initially thought this was due to insects, but this occurs through subzero temperatures so I assume it is being triggered by leaves on the ground or wind moving the camera itself. Having said that, I'm happy with this system. And after much research, not sure if there are many out there now that would be better. It is much easier to setup and configure than the last version of the Q-See HD IP camera, more adapters added at the back of the camera itself, believe it is for CCTV but I only used CAT5e cables comes with feet ; more plug-n-play functions added in the box.

However, when I added the older version of camera into this system, I had trouble to joined old ones, but that won't affect my rating for this system for a 5 star. It doesn't take me more than 3 minutes to add the entire system to 2 iPhones after mounted on and connected cameras. I have slow network - 12 mbps down and 1 mbps up, I thought it will impact majorly on the network bandwidth, however, it was surprisingly working well.

Was told system would work with my existing q see cams.. One person found this helpful. See all 16 reviews. Amazon Giveaway. Enter giveaways for a chance to win great prizes!