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Face Shop tickets are tickets which you can use for free in the Face Shop. Each ticket lets you use the Face Shop once. Face Shop tickets can be purchased or obtained from events. They can be bought in packs of one or three.

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Face Shop tickets have expiry dates. Once a ticket's expiry date has elapsed, the ticket will disappear. Be sure to use up your tickets before that happens! Number display errors can sometimes occur as a result of bad network connectivity, bugs or other issues. Tap the thumbnail of the avatar you want to add, or the avatar itself if you are in its room, to display a popup of its profile.

Tap the Add button to send it a request. Please go through the following steps if you wish to save a friend request:. You can add up to 3, friends. Once you reach this number, you will not be able to add any friends and other users will be prevented from adding you also. Avatars that have been created in the past 30 days will appear in your recommended friends list.

If you are logged in through your Facebook account, all of your Facebook friends who have LINE Play avatars will appear in your recommended friends list.

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Picture perfect avatars- you can use your own selfie to create an avatar that resembles you. There are some animal avatars available as well which can be styled with items such as tails. The room for creativity is endless. You get the ability to turn your room into a wide range of options ranging from a fun party room to a beautiful flower garden.

There are hundreds of items added each week just to help you with your creativity. You can use premium codes to upgrade your account for FREE or cheap.

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You can even raise your own pet. You simply need to place some treats in your room to attract them and play with them to get them closer. Responding to few question above is that when you done correctly the coupon code window pop up in webtoon app. This is my webtoon coupon code. People are welcome to try it. Yup to prevent such issues, I would normally open both app. Its quite confusing. If we misses a step, gems or code will not be given.

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Apparently, all codes can only use once. I tried before, they are all different.

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But you can still try the code miss yoko is sharing though. Who knows maybe there are some hidden bugs and maybe you can get it. Thanks dear for sharing. You are able to get the code eventually!! Please do share with us if you have encounter the same problem or if you have solve this problem and do share with us how you do it.

I am so sad…. Have you try un-install webtoon and re-install it again? And remember to press participate from line play frist then continue.

Line play coupon event

Hope u can get it before the deadline. They only put there 17th Aug but I am not sure what is the cut off time. I dont know if Philippines can join in the event. Does this work for the iPad mini? Plz reply if u can. It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: Bethy says: August 13, at 8: AppleBaby says: August 13, at 1: Just by following the steps.

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Will update here again when updates for iphone users are available And I shared the webtoon via facebook. So maybe you can try. I am from Singapore though. Erin says: August 13, at Its not like last time, they only have one code for all to claim the gift.