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This promotion is only available to US residents with a valid social security number or tax payer ID number in your Amazon Developer Console account. The skill must be submitted through the Amazon Developer Console, must comply with our certification guidelines, and must be approved by Amazon for publication with ISP during the promotional period. No skills built using any third party tools will qualify. Developers must have an account on the Amazon Developer Console for which you are the primary account owner and accept the Amazon Developer Services Agreement to be eligible for the offer.

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Offer limited to one promotion benefit per person, per skill ID, per developer account, per email address, per Amazon. I understand that by submitting this form, offer benefits emailed to me may be reported to the IRS as income whether I avail myself of the benefit, gift it, sell it, or let it expire.

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Amazon reserves the right to disqualify a customer from receiving Offer Benefits if Amazon determines in its sole discretion that any fraudulent activity has being carried out for the purpose of qualifying for this promotion. Financial or Preferential Support: To be eligible, a skill must not have been developed or derived from a skill developed with financial or preferential support from Amazon. Such skills include, but are not limited to, those that received funding or investment for their development, were developed under contract, or received a commercial license from Amazon.

This includes skills that have been funded or co-developed by Amazon.

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If you violate any of these terms, the Amazon Developer Services Agreement or any of our Program Policies, the offer will be invalid. The Tax Gross-Up Payment is intended to assist with any federal, state or other tax obligations related to the re: Invent Package. The Tax Gross-Up Payment may not be sufficient to cover your entire tax liability related to redeeming the re: You are responsible for any federal, state or other tax obligations related to the re: You will be responsible for paying all costs and expenses related to the re: Invent Package that are not specifically mentioned herein, including but not limited to, taxes, airfare and any other transportation, food and beverages, gratuities, incidentals, souvenirs, baggage costs, telephone charges, excursions, travel insurance, upgrades, and any other expenses that might reasonably be incurred by you in receiving or using the re: Thank you for your interest in the Alexa Student Promotion.

This promotion has now ended. Continue building with Alexa to grow your expertise and earn even more perks. Please allow three to four weeks after the promotional period has ended to receive your rewards.

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If you have not received your device within 30 days after the promotional period has ended please submit a help ticket. Got Skills?

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Publish an Alexa skill, get prizes. Amazon Echo Dot.

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Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks , Bleeckye. People who like this. Hello All, Our Live App Testing feature allows you to create a version of your app for distribution only to select testers of your choice. You can find additional information to invite testers and reviewers at https: Amazon Apps only work on Android mobile and tablet devices. To redeem an Amazon gift card or an Amazon Apps promo code, a customer must have opened an Amazon account and must accept the Terms of Use for Amazon Apps marketplace where they are eligible to shop.

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